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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Ptychochrominae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Family  Cichlidae
Scientific name  Ptychochromis
Higher classification  Cichlid
Order  Perciformes
Ptychochromis CichlidForum Ptychochromis grandidieri Why This Particular Rock
Lower classifications  Ptychochromis oligacanthus, Ptychochromis grandidieri, Ptychochromis inornatus

Ptychochromis oligacanthus time to think like a fish

Ptychochromis is a genus of cichlids endemic to rivers and lakes in Madagascar. One species (P. grandidieri) can also be seen in brackish water. Most species in this genus are threatened, and P. onilahy is probably extinct. Most reach a length of 12–15 cm (4.7–5.9 in), but P. insolitus only reaches 5.5 cm (2.2 in), while P. grandidieri and P. oligacanthus reach 21–25 cm (8.3–9.8 in).


Ptychochromis Ptychochromis photo Ptychochromis loisellei G79954 ARKive

Ptychochromis sp tarantsy pair spawning an undescribed cichlid from madagascar


There are currently 10 recognized species in this genus:

Ptychochromis Ptychochromis sp Tarantsy Practical Fishkeeping Magazine
  • Ptychochromis curvidens Stiassny & Sparks, 2006
  • Ptychochromis ernestmagnusi Sparks & Stiassny, 2010
  • Ptychochromis grandidieri Sauvage, 1882
  • Ptychochromis inornatus Sparks, 2002
  • Ptychochromis insolitus Stiassny & Sparks, 2006
  • Ptychochromis loisellei Stiassny & Sparks, 2006
  • Ptychochromis makira Stiassny & Sparks, 2006
  • Ptychochromis mainty C. M. Martinez, Arroyave-Gutiérrez & Sparks, 2015
  • Ptychochromis oligacanthus (Bleeker, 1868)
  • Ptychochromis onilahy Stiassny & Sparks, 2006

  • Ptychochromis Ptychochromis photo Ptychochromis loisellei G79955 ARKive

    Additionally, cichlid from the eastern Anosy Region in far southeastern Madagascar may actually represent one undescribed species, popularly known as Ptychochromis sp. "Manampanihy".

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