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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Conoidea
Phylum  Mollusca
Class  Gastropoda
Scientific name  Pseudomelatomidae
Rank  Family
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Similar  Clavatulidae, Borsoniidae, Mangeliidae, Turrid, Crassispira

Pseudomelatomidae is a family of predatory sea snails, marine gastropods included in the superfamily Conoidea (previously Conacea) and part of the Neogastropoda (Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005).


In 2011 Bouchet, Kantor et al. moved the Crassispirinae and Zonulispirinae and numerous genera of snails loosely called turrid snails (which at that point had been placed in the family Conidae) and placed them in the family Pseudomelatomidae. This was based on a cladistical analysis of shell morphology, radular characteristics, anatomical characters, and a dataset of molecular sequences of three gene fragments.


Genera within the family Pseudomelatomidae include:

Genera brought into synonymy

  • Epidirona Iredale, 1931: synonym of Epideira Hedley, 1918
  • Macrosinus Beu, 1970: synonym of Paracomitas Powell, 1942
  • Rectiplanes Bartsch, 1944: synonym of Antiplanes Dall, 1902
  • Rectisulcus Habe, 1958: synonym of Antiplanes Dall, 1902
  • Schepmania Shuto, 1970: synonym of Shutonia van der Bijl, 1993
  • Turrigemma Berry, 1958: synonym of Hindsiclava Hertlein & A.M. Strong, 1955
  • Viridrillina Bartsch, 1943: synonym of Viridrillia Bartsch, 1943
  • Genera moved to another family

  • Austrocarina Laseron, 1954 has been moved to the family Horaiclavidae.
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