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Prudence Leighton

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Publisher  Marvel Comics
Notable aliases  Agent 16
Species  Mutant
Team affiliations  X-Corporation
First appearance  Mystique #1
Fictional universe  Marvel Universe
Created by  Brian K. Vaughan Jorge Lucas
Alter ego  Prudence Leighton / Steinbeck
Abilities  Prudence: Telepath capable of projecting her consciousness into the body of other women Steinbeck: Pyrokinetic capable of spewing flames from his throat
Creators  Brian K. Vaughan, Jorge Lucas
Similar  Shortpack, Mastermind, Margali Szardos, Graydon Creed, Lady Mastermind

Prudence Leighton is a fictional character, a mutant appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Prudence, originally a female, was murdered by Steinbeck, a pyrokinetic mutant. She used her ability to possess his body, taking on the codename Agent 16, and also the Quiet Man. The first appearance of both is Mystique #1.


Fictional character biography

Prudence Leighton was part of a network of secret agents and spies gathered by Charles Xavier in order to perform missions deemed unfit for the X-Men due to their sensitive nature. Her last assignment involved the purchase of Soviet Union Sentinels by military commanders of Cuba.

Prudence was murdered by Steinbeck, a pyrokinetic mutant arms dealer, before the eyes of Shortpack, her handler, who secretly loved her. However she did not pass on completely and took over Steinbeck's body – she accessed his powers and resources and contacted her brother.

Prudence was falling into mental decay because her power didn't really work on men and she and her brother Shepard set out to assassinate Charles Xavier with one of the greatest assassins on the planet, the newly blackmailed agent Mystique. Calling herself the Quiet Man, Prudence played the role of a mysterious benefactor who offered to give Mystique a device that would make her once again untraceable in exchange for her services.

Unfortunately their machinations came apart when Mystique double crossed them. Prudence removed the Quiet Man's cloak and revealed her true identity. She and Mystique fought but Mystique proved far more capable and dodged Steinbeck's breath and Prudence’s punches to stab Quiet Man in the stomach.

Prudence's and Steinbeck's minds apparently went into overdrive and their powers reached critical mass. They began to swell and exploded, throwing Shortpack and Mystique far from the site.

Powers and abilities

Prudence can psi-jump into other people, allowing her consciousness to inhabit their body and control their actions. Steinbeck/Quiet Man can spew pyrokinetic flames from his throat cavity, inhabited by a second mutant capable of possessing other women.


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