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Projector (comics)

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Alter ego  Zachary Williams
Abilities  Force-field generation
Species  Mutant
Team affiliations  Acolytes
First appearance  Quicksilver #9 (1998)
Publisher  Marvel Comics
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Projector (Zachary Williams) is a fictional character, a mutant villain from Marvel Comics.


Fictional character biography

Projector is one of the newer members of the Acolytes, and first appeared in Quicksilver #9. He was later seen on Genosha.

Projector has not been seen for some time after Cassandra Nova's Sentinels destroyed Genosha, killing 16 million mutants, but he did survive the attack.

After M-Day/Messiah Complex

Projector is one of the few that survived the assault on Genosha, and retained his mutant powers during the M-Day. He later made his return in the event, X-Men: Messiah Complex as a member of a group of former Acolytes who were hiding out on their own. They were tracked down by the X-Men looking for information on the whereabout of Exodus and his current group of Acolytes. Projector and his teammates fought back, but they were outmatched, and after taking a vicious beating from Wolverine, Projector cracked and told them what he knew.

Powers and abilities

Projector could emanate an unknown energy force allowing him to form solid energy constructs and forcefields around himself or others, shaping them into simple forms like ramps, spheres, and pillars. These fields appear to behave as physical constructs and are not indestructible.


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