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Process Lasso

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Type  Utility software
License  Freemium
Developer(s)  Bitsum LLC (Jeremy Collake)
Stable release (November 12, 2016; 4 months ago (2016-11-12)) [±]
Operating system  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Process Lasso is a process priority optimizer for Windows developed by Jeremy Collake of Bitsum LLC. It features a graphical user interface that allows for automating various process related tasks (e.g. automatically restart process if X, or start High Performance power scheme when running, or restrain if out of control). Its ProBalance algorithm works by dynamically adjusting the processes priorities, in order to keep the system responsive when process(es) are consuming too many CPU cycles.


A graphical CPUEater demo is available that shows ProBalance in action. Further, information is provided on how the algorithm works, and how the demo can be reproduced, or real-world scenarios that show the same amazing effect on restoring system responsiveness when a CPU heavy background process is inhibiting use of the PC.

One can also set processes exclusions, disallow programs from running, and many other features. The paid version (Pro version) has some extra features, like setting a max number of instances per process, and the ability to run the core as a system service.

Process Lasso is not a task manager replacement. It has some task manager capabilities, but the intent is to optimize and automate.


Among this program's features are the following:

  • ProBalance (Dynamic priority and affinity optimization)
  • SmartTrim (selective 'intelligent' virtual memory trimming)
  • Gaming Mode 2.0 - A new maximum performance mode that disables CPU core parking and frequency scaling (new in 7.8).
  • Persistent priorities and CPU affinities
  • Auto-terminate
  • Process Watchdog
  • Instance Count Limits
  • Multi-Core Optimization
  • I/O priorities (persistent or temporary)
  • Power Scheme Automation
  • System Responsiveness Metric
  • Independent Core Engine
  • Minimal Resource Use
  • Fully compatible with Windows 8 (and 10)
  • Available in x86-32 and x86-64 builds
  • Reception

    The program was featured on FreewareBB, and received an "Excellent" rating from Softpedia, as well as a certification for containing no malware.
    The application has a 4.63 rating (out of a possible 5) at
    Editors at CNET gave it 'Outstanding', 4.5 of a possible 5 stars.


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