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Prison warden

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A prison warden is the chief administrative official of a prison.



The prison warden supervises all the operations in their prison, dealing with the personnel of the prison (ranging from prison officers, prison doctors, janitors, cooks, and other occupations), stewarding public funds which they would use appropriately, securing the safety of the public, and handling the prison which could contain thousands of people.

The prison warden can also arrange for programs like work crews of prisoners where they perform work at the prison and the local communities.

Work environment

Every prison warden has been trained as both corrections officers and as administrators to the prison that they work at. Prison wardens need to house, feed, and clothe prisoners, and they are also expected to provide services like health care, access to education, psychiatric care, and opportunities to engage in rehabilitation and reentry programs. Prison wardens need to know how to handle emergency situations like prison gang violence or dealing with newly arrived prisoners with controversial backgrounds that would cause a problem.


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