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Principles of Nature

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Elihu Palmer

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The Principles of Nature, Reason - the Only Oracle of, The Bloudy Tenent of Persecuti, A Summary View of the Rights of, The Impending Crisis of t

The beauty and principles of nature

Principles of Nature, also known as The Principles of Nature, or A Development of the Moral Causes of Happiness and Misery among the Human Species, was a work written in 1801 by Elihu Palmer. The work was similar to Thomas Paine's writings, and focused on "God, Deism, "revealed" religions, etc." It has been considered the Bible of American deism. Although Palmer first published in America, after his death, in 1819, Principles of Nature was published in England. The bookseller who first published Palmer's work (among other works, including those by Thomas Paine) was fined and jailed for several years.


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