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Principality of Anhalt Plötzkau

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Capital  Plötzkau
Historical era  Middle Ages
Founded  1544
Government  Principality
Preceded by  Succeeded by

Principality of anhalt pl tzkau

Anhalt-Plötzkau was a principality located in Germany. It has been created on two occasions. It was created for a first time in 1544 following the partition of Anhalt-Dessau but the principality ceased to exist following the death of Prince George III in 1553 at which point it was inherited by the prince of Anhalt-Zerbst.


It was created for a second time in 1603 with the partition of the unificated principality of Anhalt; this time, in order to create a bigger principality, parts of Anhalt-Bernburg were extracted. This second incarnation lasting until 1665 at which point Prince Lebrecht succeeded as Prince of Anhalt-Köthen and Plötzkau returned to the principality of Anhalt-Bernburg.

Princes of Anhalt-Plötzkau 1544-1553

  • George III 1544–1553
  • To Anhalt-Zerbst 1553.

    Princes of Anhalt-Plötzkau 1603-1665

  • Augustus 1603–1653
  • Ernest Gottlieb 1653–1654
  • Lebrecht 1653–1665 (co-regent)
  • Emmanuel 1653–1665 (co-regent)
  • United with Anhalt-Bernburg 1665.


    Principality of Anhalt-Plötzkau Wikipedia

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