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Princess Aura

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Created by  Alex Raymond
Creator  Alex Raymond
Team affiliations  Flash Gordon
Affiliation  Flash Gordon
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Publisher  King Features Syndicate
Abilities  Genius-level intellectCommand of magicAccess to advanced technology
Movies  Flash Gordon, Flash Gordon Classic
Played by  Ornella Muti, Priscilla Lawson, Jennifer Capps
Similar  Dale Arden, Prince Barin, Ming the Merciless, Hans Zarkov, Prince Vultan

Flash Gordon 1980 Princess Aura flying lessons

Princess Aura is a fictional character in the Flash Gordon comic strips and serials.


Character overview

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She is the daughter of the series' villain, Ming the Merciless, and the lover of Prince Barin, the rightful heir to the throne of Mongo, and is banished with him to the forest world of Arboria.


Princess Aura Princess Aura played by Ornella Muti Vintage Superheroes

In 1936, Princess Aura was portrayed by Priscilla Lawson in the Flash Gordon film serial. In 1940, the role was portrayed by Shirley Deane in the third Flash Gordon serial, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

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Melendy Britt provided the voice of Princess Aura in the 1979 Filmation animated series. She was portrayed as Ming the Merciless' daughter, who at first assists her father in battling Flash and company, but turns against him and joins the rebel forces of Mongo. She also has an elite guard of female warriors under her command known as the Witch-Women. After Ming is removed from power, the Witch-Women remain in Princess Aura's service.

Princess Aura Princess Aura Character Comic Vine

Princess Aura also initially resents Dale Arden and rejects Prince Barin's affections, but would become the former's friend and the latter's love interest as the series progressed. Consequently, her attraction to Flash is downplayed and does not resurface after her desertion of her father.

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In 1980, Princess Aura was portrayed by Ornella Muti in the film Flash Gordon produced by Dino De Laurentiis and is shown to have numerous lovers. She saves Flash from death with the help of one of her lovers, a royal doctor who revives Flash after Ming tries executing him in a gas chamber.


Princess Aura Princess Aura Character Comic Vine

In the 1996 Flash Gordon animated series, Princess Aura is a sympathetic character, who often defies her father because of her attraction to Flash, or for the sake of her mother. In this version, Aura has green skin, but is otherwise perfectly human, even though her father Ming is reptilian.

Princess Aura Aura

Anna Van Hooft portrayed Princess Aura in the 2007 Flash Gordon television series. She is once again portrayed as a sympathetic character. Unlike the comic, she has a brother and her mother is alive. She vainly seeks her father's approval but Ming, like most other characters on the show, regards her with a mixture of pity and contempt. She also has a crush on Flash and a rivalry with Dale who looks down on her as a "royal little brat".

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