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Presidential Reunion

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Genres  Comedy, Short Film
Country  United States
6.6/10 IMDb

Production  Funny or Die
Language  English
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Director  Ron Howard, Jake Szymanski
Release date  March 3, 2010 (2010-03-03)
Based on  Saturday Night Live presidential skits
Writer  Tom Gammill, Dan Greaney, Al Jean, Adam McKay, Michael Price, Max Pross
Directors  Ron Howard, Jake Szymanski
Cast  Will Ferrell (George W Bush), Jim Carrey (Ronald Reagan), Dana Carvey (George H W Bush), Chevy Chase (Gerald Ford), Dan Aykroyd
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Presidential reunion

Presidential Reunion is an American comedy Web short directed by Ron Howard and stars Saturday Night Live cast members who parodied Presidents Ford to Obama. The skit was released onto the Funny or Die website on March 3, 2010 and received mixed to negative reviews.


Presidential Reunion Presidential Reunion 2010

Funny or die s presidential reunion


The skit revolves around Barack Obama (Armisen) preparing for bed, but is too concerned about a problem with the banks and credit card companies in America. Michelle (Rudolph) convinces him to retire for the evening, but as soon as he does, former Presidents Bill Clinton (Hammond) and George W. Bush (Ferrell) enter the room. Clinton and Bush come to offer Obama advice as to how to handle the situation, reminiscing on their past duties. George H. W. Bush (Carvey) then exits the bathroom and offers his advice to the Obamas: to forget about approval rates. Jimmy Carter (Aykroyd) then enters the room (with a toolbox and begins fixing a random object on the wall) and is ridiculed by the other former presidents. Carter tells Obama to establish a consumer finance agency, stating people are becoming frustrated with being conned by banks and credit card companies. Ronald Reagan (Carrey) then appears before the group, surprising Carter (since Reagan is dead).

Presidential Reunion Funny or Dies Presidential Reunion YouTube

Reagan tells Obama to grow some balls in order to take on the banks and credit companies. Gerald Ford (Chase) too enters the room (tripping over a table, spoofing himself slipping on a set of stairs exiting Air Force One) and Chase breaking character, assuming it is another episode of SNL, only to be informed he's on Funny or Die. Ford suggests the only way to stop the banks is to pardon Richard Nixon (which he did). Carter interprets what Ford really means, but Ford is shocked to see Carter, thinking he was dead, only to be informed he was dead. The group ask Obama if their suggestions helped, but Obama dismisses them, saying they were the reason the mess was created. Reagan then quotes a false George Washington statement, saying Obama's it and the group begin taunting Obama until he wakes up and realizes that he does need to be the one to establish a CFA, rushing off to gather his cabinet.


Presidential Reunion Picture of Presidential Reunion

  • Fred Armisen as Barack Obama
  • Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton
  • Will Ferrell as George W. Bush
  • Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush
  • Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter
  • Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan (the only cast member on this video who did not portray the same role on Saturday Night Live)
  • Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford
  • Maya Rudolph as Michelle Obama
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