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Prem Pinda

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Director  Yadav Kharel
Genre  Historical fiction
Country  Nepal
7.8/10 IMDb

Music director  Shambhujeet Baskota
Language  Nepali
Prem Pinda assetscdnekantipurcomimagesthekathmandupost

Release date  1995 (1995)
Writer  Bal Krishna Sama (play)
Cast  Neer Bikram Shah, Melina Manandhar
Similar movies  Chino (1991)

Prem Pinda (Nepali: प्रेम पिन्ड) is a breakthrough, first historic 1995 Nepali film directed by Yadav Kharel and produced by actor Neer Shah. Prem Pinda, is an adaptation of popular play by Balkrishna Sama. Sama was considered as ‘Shakespeare’ of Nepal with his evergreen plays like “Mutuko Byatha,” “Mukunda Indira,” “Bhater,” “Birami Ra Kuruwa,” “Boksi,” and “Andhabeg”. The movie was depiction of eternal love. The evergreen music by Sanbhujeet Baskota with some songs rendered by Asha Bhosle (Gairi Khet Ko) & Abhijeet (Ke Bhanu) propelled it to classic of Nepali Cinema.


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Gairi khet ko prem pinda priyanka ghimiray hd audio


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The movie starts with the narrated video of the General's palace, giving a short review of the practice during the regime. In the next scene, a brother comes to the general’s palace with his sister to leave her there as a maid and receives Rs. sixty for that. The sister, played by Sunny Rauniyar, is a typical village girl who is anxious and big mouthed. She is then looked after by Kesari, who teaches her the basics of new palace life style. She is later named Sabita by General. She learns fast and is impressed with the lifestyles of the palace; does her best in getting reward from General every time. As General’s favorite, she is given special training for dance. On the other hand, she develops feelings for a servant boy working there named Nakul, and this love at first sight is a two way thing. However, their love is unknown to the world and they keep meeting in private. As General sets his lustrous eyes on Sabita's tempting youth,sensing the romance blooming between Nakul and Sabita, he tries everything to separate them forever. General, being the cruel guy has a history of killing one of his previous man servant for developing an affair with one of his personal care taker and also he would get Nakul beaten to death in front of everyone if known about the secret affair. In the middle of thorns and adverse hatred, blooms their love. After finding out about the alliance, General sends Nakul away and keeps Sabita inside the Palace under house arrest. Despite his attempts, General is not able to win Sabita’a heart and sends her away. Meanwhile, Nakul is in his death bed and remembers no one but Sabita. At the end of the story, Sabita meets Nakul minutes before his death where they share their last few words of love. Upon Nakul’s death, Sabita cries a lot. The movie ends with Sabita committing suicide by jumping off a cliff with Nakul’s corpse.


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  • Neer Shah
  • Saroj Khanal
  • Sunny Rauniyar
  • Melina Manandhar
  • Gopal Adhikari
  • Soundtrack

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    Prem Pinda is also known for having some ever green sound tracks. "Gairi Khet ko" by (Asha Bhosle) is the most famous Nepali Song. After more than a decade of its release, the song is still preferred and performed on various platforms. Lately, the song has been remade into a rock version by musician Samrit Lwagun entitled Gairi Rocks.


    Prem Pinda, based in the novel by Bal Krishna Sama, subsequently differs from the original book. It has been quoted to be based in the real life events of General Adwin during (Rana regime) in Nepal. Among many historic Nepali movies, Prem Pinda has been criticized for not justifying history.


    Marking Nepalese film industry, the movie has been recommended as a must watch and is listed in the top 10 nepali movie of all time. Often mentioned in media, the movie has been noted by media persons as a good literary movie holding the essence of Nepali culture.


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