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Poti class corvette

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Name  Poti class
Succeeded by  Pauk class
Poti-class corvette
Operators  Soviet Navy  Bulgarian Navy  Romanian Naval Forces
Preceded by  Kronshtadt-class submarine chaser
Type  Anti-submarine corvette
Displacement  500 long tons (508 t) standard, 580 long tons (589 t) full load

The Poti class was the NATO reporting name for a group of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) corvettes built for the Soviet Navy. The Soviet designation was Project 204 small anti-submarine ships. These ships were the first Soviet warships powered by gas turbine engines; two propellers were mounted in tunnels to give a very shallow draught. A twin 57 mm (2 in) gun mounting provided self-defence.



A total of 66 ships were built between 1960 and 1968. In the Soviet Union the Poti-class corvettes were decommissioned by the late 1980s; some Bulgarian ships served into the 21st century. Builders were:

  • Kerch yard 24 ships
  • Zelenodolsk yard : 31 ships
  • Khabarovsk yard: 11 ships
  • Exports

  • Bulgarian Navy: 6 ships transferred 1968-1983
  • Note: The former Soviet numbers of most of the individual ships are not known, but it is known that MPK-59, MPK-77 and MPK-109 were among the ships given to Bulgaria.

  • Romanian Navy: 3 ships 1970
  • Note: The former Soviet numbers of the individual ships are not known, but it is known that MPK-106 and MPK-125 were among the ships given to Romania. The Romanian ships carried the older RBU-2500 ASW rocket launchers and two 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes versus the newer RBU-6000 and four 406 mm (16 in) torpedoes on the Bulgarian ships.


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