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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Bromelioideae
Higher classification  Bromeliads
Order  Poales
Family  Bromeliaceae
Scientific name  Portea
Rank  Genus
Portea Portea Petropolitana Extensa Large Brazilian BROMELIAD
Lower classifications  Portea alatisepala, Portea kermesina, Portea nana, Portea silveirae, Portea grandiflora

Portea bromeliads explained

Portea is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae. It is native to the Atlantic coast of Brazil.


Portea Portea Wikipedia

It is named for Dr. Marius Porte, a nineteenth-century French naturalist who died in 1866 in Manilla while on a collection expedition for the National Museum of Natural History.

Portea Portea Alatisepala

Portea garden plants


Portea Portea Bromeliad Portea petropolitana 39Jungles39

Portea is a small group of plants. According to the Bromeliad Binomial, it currently includes just nine species. The plants are natives of the eastern coast of Brazil where they tend to be medium to large plants. They thrive in strong light. The foliage of this genus often is quite attractive, although heavily protected by sharp spines. The branches of the inflorescence are somewhat lengthy. This characteristic makes the bloom even more stunning.

Portea i6photobucketcomalbumsy209LisaCLVPorteaTedTe

The plant produces a tall bloom of lavender flowers followed by dark purple berries. Although the leaves are frost sensitive, the plants usually survive cold temperatures and produce blooms in the late spring.


Portea Garden Adventures Portea petropolitana
  • Portea alatisepala Philcox
  • Portea filifera L.B. Smith
  • Portea fosteriana L.B. Smith
  • Portea grandiflora Philcox
  • Portea kermesina K. Koch
  • Portea nana Leme & H. Luther
  • Portea orthopoda (Baker) Coffani-Nunes & Wanderley
  • Portea petropolitana (Wawra) Mez
  • var. noettigii (Wawra) L.B. Smith
  • Portea silveirae Mez
  • Cultivars

  • Portea 'Helga Tarver'
  • Portea 'June'

  • Portea Garden Adventures Portea petropolitana


    Portea Wikipedia

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