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Port de Paix

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Country  Haiti
Time zone  Eastern (UTC-5)
Local time  Friday 7:53 AM
Arrondissement  Nord-Ouest
Department  Nord-Ouest
Population  462,000 (2015)
Number of airports  1
Port-de-Paix famouswonderscomwpcontentuploads201003Port
Weather  23°C, Wind NE at 21 km/h, 87% Humidity

Cities of the world port de paix haiti

Port-de-Paix (Haitian Creole: Pòdepè or Pòdpè) is a commune and the capital of the Nord-Ouest department in Haïti on the Atlantic coast. It has a population of 462,000 (2015 census IHSI). Port-de-Paix used to be a large exporter of bananas and coffee.


Map of Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Before this area was called "Xarama" during the Amerindian "Taïno" belongs to "Bainoa" the fourth of the five caciquats shared the island of Haiti where its capital was "Mariena" called by the French "Le Marien" today Plaine-du-Nord. The area around the town was given the name "Valparaíso" by Christopher Columbus after landing here in the late evening of December 6, 1492, and still contains many attractive beaches and caves locations. A ferry operates between the town and Tortuga island (La Tortue), called "Gusaeni Cahini" by the Taïnos and is situated just across the water.

The town was founded in 1665 by French filibusters, driven from Tortuga Island by the British occupiers. In 1676 the capital of the French Colony of Saint-Domingue was moved from Tortuga to Port-de-Paix, and it remained the seat of government until 1711 when the capital was moved to Cap-Français. In 1676, Padrejean escaped from slavery in the Port. In 1679 the town saw the first black slave revolt. The area saw great success during the 19th century but in 1802 the town was almost entirely destroyed by fire, and never attained its former status.

Port-de-Paix is also the chief town of an arrondissement of the same name. The arrondissement consists of five communes: Port-de-Paix, La Pointe des Palmistes, Bassin-Bleu, Chansolme and Tortuga.

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Port-de-Paix is serviced by several regional airlines from Port-de-Paix Airport with domestic flights to both Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince and Hugo Chávez International Airport in Cap-Haïtien.

Notable people

  • Eliezer Cadet
  • Kervens Michel
  • Jean Ely Joseph
  • James Aimable
  • Media

  • Le Novateur
  • Radio

  • Radio Toxic FM 91.3
  • Radio Maxinter (RMI )96.5 FM
  • Radio Télé diffusion du Nord-Ouest (RTNO)92.5 & ch.6
  • Radio Balade FM 102.3 MHz
  • Radio Melodie FM 98.3
  • Radio New Star 104.1
  • Radio Planète FM 100.7
  • Radio Télé Universelle Plus (TRUP)103.5 FM & Ch.10
  • Radio Voix Eglise Bethanie 105.5 FM
  • Radio Voix de la Paix 94.7 FM
  • Radio Harmonie Inter 101.5 Fm Stereo http://www.radioharmonieinter.com
  • Radio Couleur FM 93.9 FM Stereo
  • Radio Télé Ideal Plus 89.7 ch.40
  • Radio Castro Inter 97.1
  • Radio Molah 104.7
  • Radio Excel Inter 106.7
  • Radio Dary FM 97.5
  • Radio Paismesbrebis 93.5
  • Radio Ullision 89.1
  • Radio Cosmos Inter 101.1
  • Radio Kontak FM 96.1
  • Radio Perfection 105.7
  • Radio Clean FM
  • Radio Verite Inter
  • Radio Tele SD 105.1 Fm http://www.radiotelesdzetwafm.com
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