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Porsche Diesel 218

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Type  agricultural tractor
Length  2835 mm
Height  1600 mm
Production  1957–1963
Width  1570 mm
Porsche-Diesel 218
Manufacturer  Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH

The Porsche-Diesel Standard 218, also known as N 218 is the third generation of the two cylinder Standard tractor model series manufactured by Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee. The Standard 218 was produced in four different variations. It succeeded its predecessor, the Porsche-Diesel 208 in 1957. From 1957 to 1963 the Porsche plant produced more than 12,000 Standard 218 tractors.



The tractor is built using a frameless block construction. The rear axle is a portal axle, the front axle is a swing axle. The wheelbase is 1668 mm. The track of the front wheels can be increased by turning the rims on the vertical axis. The internal expanding brake brakes the back wheels only. It can also act as a steering brake. The steering gear and the gearbox were produced by ZF Friedrichshafen. All Porsche-Diesel 218 tractors have a six gear gearbox with a crawler gear. The clutch is the single-disk dry clutch K 200 Z by Fichtel & Sachs. It operates with an oil hydraulic clutch by Voith. The exception is the Standard V 218, which has a five gear gearbox only. It also lacks the oil hydraulic clutch. Porsche-Diesel offered a Three-point linkage as an optional equipment. It can lift up to 550 kg The second optional equipment is a mowing bar. It was offered for DM 500. The weight of the tractor is 1625 kg including the three-point-linkage, the mower bar and the extra weights. The maximum weight allowed is 2300kg. The paint is RAL 3002 Karminrot for the body and RAL 1014 or 1015 Elfenbein for the rims. The Standard 218 doesn't have a fuel tap due to tightness problems.


Four different models of the Porsche 218 have been produced:

  • H 218
  • The base model: six gear gearbox, oil hydraulic clutch, chrome decoration trim. H for hydraulic clutch.
  • V 218
  • The simplified model: five gear gearbox, no hydraulic clutch, no trim. V for vereinfacht (simplified).
  • S 218
  • The narrow gauge model. Like the H 218, but with a track of 840 / 1240 mm and a wheelbase of 1620 mm. S for Schmalspur (narrow gauge).
  • U 218
  • The shaft switching model. Like the H 218. The extras are a switchable gear shaft and a switchable power take-off shaft. It was offered with a cab and extended front wheel mudgards. U for umschaltbar (switchable).


    The Porsche-Diesel Standard 218 has the Porsche F 218 engine, an air-cooled two cylinder four stroke diesel engine with swirl chamber injection. Unlike its predecessor Porsche Nr. 2066, the Porsche F 218 has an aluminum crankcase instead of a cast iron crankcase. Bore and stroke of the engine are 95 × 116 mm, the displacement is 1644 cm³. The engine housing consists of two parts. The crankshaft with balance weights bolted onto, the conrods, the in-line injection pump by Bosch and the aluminum valve pushrods have been taken from the Porsche Nr. 2066 engine. It has a radial cooling fan. The crankshaft has three bearings. A pressure lubrication lubricates the engine, the air is cleaned by an oil-bath air cleaner. The overhead valves are driven by a gear driven camshaft. Each piston has five piston rings. The Flywheel has a radius of 40 cm. At 2000 min−1 the engine produces a power of 18,4 kW and delivers a torque of 88 N·m. The maximum torque of 91 N·m is served up at 1800 min−1. The minimum compression of the engine must be 18,6 bar, the compression ratio is 19:1. The fuel injetion pressure is 147 bar. The cetane number of the fuel must not be fewer than 44.


    Porsche-Diesel 218 Wikipedia

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