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Basin countries  Norway
Length  123,000 m
Max. length  123 kilometres (76 mi)
Porsangerfjorden httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Location  Nordkapp and Porsanger, Finnmark

The Porsangerfjorden (English: Porsanger Fjord; Northern Sami: Porsáŋgguvuotna; Kven: Porsanginvuono) is a fjord in Finnmark county, Norway. The 123-kilometre (76 mi) long fjord is Norway's fourth-longest fjord. It is located in the municipalities of Nordkapp and Porsanger and it empties out into the Barents Sea. The large island of Magerøya and the Porsanger Peninsula lie along the western shore of the fjord, and the Sværholt Peninsula lies along the eastern shore of the fjord. Helnes Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the fjord, on the western coast.


Map of Porsangerfjorden, Porsanger, Norway

The village of Lakselv sits at the innermost part (southern part) of the fjord. Other settlements along the fjord include the villages of Brenna, Børselv, Indre Billefjord, Kistrand, Olderfjord, Repvåg, and Nordvågen. The town of Honningsvåg is also located near the mouth of the fjord. There are many islands inside the fjord, notably Tamsøya and Reinøya.


The fjord is officially named Porsangerfjorden in Norwegian. It is also known informally as Porsangen, but that is not an official name. The Northern Sami name is Porsáŋgguvuotna and the Kven name is Porsanginvuono.


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