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Pordim Islands

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Location  Antarctica
Population  0
Area  10 ha (25 acres)
Archipelago  South Shetland Islands
Pordim Islands

Pordim Islands (Bulgarian: острови Пордим, ‘Ostrovi Pordim’ 'os-tro-vi 'por-dim) are two adjacent islands situated 870 m (950 yd) east-northeast of Heywood Island and 2.1 km (1.3 mi) northwest of Catharina Point on Robert Island, South Shetland Islands. Extending 960 m (1,050 yd) in east-southeast to west-northwest direction. The larger islet has a surface area of 10 hectares (25 acres). Bulgarian early early mapping in 2009. Named after the town of Pordim in northern Bulgaria.

Map of Pordim Islands, Antarctica


Pordim Islands Wikipedia

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