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Ponui donkey

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Conservation status  rare
Country of origin  New Zealand
Scientific name  Equus asinus
Rank  Species
Other names  Ponui Island donkey
Distribution  New Zealand
Higher classification  Equus
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Height  Male: 90–110 cm (36–42 in) Female: 90–110 cm (36–42 in)
Coat  light dun or chocolate, with darker dorsal stripe
Similar  Romagnolo donkey, Equus, Mammal, Horses, Cyprus donkey

The Ponui donkey or Ponui Island Donkey is a breed and feral population of domestic donkey from Ponui Island, in the Hauraki Gulf off New Zealand. It is the only feral donkey in New Zealand.



Frederick Chamberlin bought Ponui Island from the New Zealand government in 1854. Donkeys were brought to the island together with other livestock from New South Wales, and a feral population established itself. The Ponui Island Donkey now has formal breed status, and some are distributed in mainland New Zealand. It is registered by the Donkey & Mule Society of New Zealand. The Ponui donkey is listed as "rare" by the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand.


The Ponui donkey is docile and sturdy. It stands about 1 metre at the withers. It is usually light dun in colour, but may be chocolate; broken-coloured donkeys cannot be registered.


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