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Ponce Municipal Band

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Occupation(s)  Band
Origin  Ponce, Puerto Rico
Years active  1883-present
Genres  Danza, Classical music
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Past members  Other past directors Emilio Alvarado Eduardo Cuevas Tomás Clavel Eustaquio Pujals
Members  Juan Morel Campos, Rubén Colón Tarrats, Julio Alvarado Tricoche, Luis Osvaldo Pino Valdivieso
Similar  Manuel Gregorio Tavárez, Luciano Quiñones, Ruth Fernández, Papo Lucca, La Sonora Ponceña

Banda municipal de ponce en carnaval ponce o 2016

The Ponce Municipal Band (Spanish: Banda Municipal de Ponce) is the band of the municipality of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The band is the oldest continuously-performing band in the Caribbean. It has performed its open-air concerts for over 125 years. The current director is Rubén Colón Tarrats. It has 42 members between 25 and 83 years old. It operates within the jurisdiction of the Oficina de Desarrollo Cultural (English: Office of Cultural Development) of the autonomous municipality of Ponce. Its headquarters are located at the Centro Integrado para el Fortalecimiento de las Artes Musicales, next to Teatro La Perla.



The history of the Ponce Municipal Band dates to its predecessor, the Ponce Firefighters' Band. It was founded in September, 1883, by Juan Morel Campos. In 1953, the Band reorganized and was moved from an organization under the Ponce Firefighters Corps to an organization under the Ponce Municipal Government. The directors of the band after its founder have been Domingo Cruz (Cocolia), Julio Alvarado, Emilio Alvarado, Eduardo Cuevas, Tomás Clavel, and Eustaquio Pujals. The current director is Rubén Colón Tarrats. Master Julio Alvarado was the director of the band at the time of its 1953 reorganization. Gregorio Ledesma was the band conductor in 1859.

In late 2010, the Ponce Municipal Government provided the Band its own location for its rehearsals. The new location is next to the legendary Teatro La Perla at a structure named Centro Integrado para el Fortalecimiento de las Artes Musicales (Integrated Center for the Development of the Musical Arts).


The Band originally celebrated its concerts from a since-removed second floor stage at Parque de Bombas. It was then moved to Concha Acústica de Ponce, and later to Paseo Tablado La Guancha, where it performed for a while. It also performed from the Dora Colón Clavell Urban Park for some time, and it is currently performing from a removable stage at front of the Ponce City Hall. Concerts are every Sunday evening. In September, 2011, the Band adopted a new venue philosophy called Retretas en la Comunidad, whereby it started to bring its stage to the various communities of Ponce.

Directors and their terms

As "Banda del Benemérito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Ponce":

  • Juan Morel Campos (1883-1886)–(1893-1896)
  • Eduardo Cuevas (1896? - 1900?)
  • Domingo Cruz ("Cocolia") (ca.1900–1916)
  • Eustaquio Pujals (ca. 1916-1924)
  • Tomás Clavell (ca. 1924- ?)
  • As "Banda Municipal de Ponce":

  • Julio Alvarado Tricoche (1953-1970)
  • Emilio Alvarado (1970 - 1978?)
  • Luis Osvaldo Pino Valdivieso (1978-2001)
  • Jorge Figueroa (2001 - 2003?)
  • Rubén Colón Tarrats (2003 - 2013)
  •  ? - Incumbent.
  • Current members

    As of March 2011, the Ponce Municipal Band had 42 members as follows:

  • Flute
  • Carlos Torres, Marines Aviles, Jose Rentas
  • Clarinet
  • Ada I. Rodriguez, Ricardo Velazquez, Julio Alvarado, Ramon Galindo, Juan Garcia, Estrella Cruz, Feliz Varela, Hector Lopez de Victoria, Cynthia Rodriguez, Nilda Cruz, Guillermo Silvagnoli
  • Saxophone
  • Leslie Pagan, Moises Ortiz, Jorge L. Torres, Jose P. Santiago, Jose R. Santiago
  • Bassoon
  • Jesus Acevedo
  • Trumpet
  • Jose M. Ruiz, Jose Quiñones, Victor Caquias, Edgardo Ruiz, Elder Arroyo, Victor Rodriguez
  • Horn
  • Hector I. Maldonado, Felipe Gonzalez, Rohel Ortiz, Orlando Zayas
  • Trombone
  • David Perez, Israel Negron, Irving Gonzalez
  • Euphonium
  • Angel Santos, Lester Perez Cancel
  • Tuba
  • Lester Perez Flores, Arnaldo Tarrio
  • Perdussion
  • Dimas Rodriguez, Luis M. Valentin, Sergio Gonzalez, Jose Alvarado
  • References

    Ponce Municipal Band Wikipedia

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