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Pomponia (cicada)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Auchenorrhyncha
Superfamily  Cicadoidea
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  True bugs
Class  Insecta
Infraorder  Cicadomorpha
Family  Cicadidae
Rank  Genus
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Similar  Megapomponia, True bugs, Empress cicada, Tacua speciosa, Cicadinae

Pomponia is a genus of cicadas from Asia. A group of species previously placed in Pomponia, containing the largest cicada species found on earth, have recently been moved to Megapomponia. However, the remaining species still form a very heterogeneous group and Duffels and Hayashi (2006) mentioned that several species should probably be transferred to genera like Terpnosia and Leptosemia.

List of species

  • Pomponia adusta (Walker, 1850)
  • Pomponia cyanea Fraser, 1948
  • Pomponia backanensis Thai and Yang, 2009
  • Pomponia decem (Walker, 1857)
  • Pomponia gigantea Distant, 1897
  • Pomponia graecina Distant, 1889
  • Pomponia hieroglyphica Kato, 1938
  • Pomponia kiushiuensis Kato, 1925
  • Pomponia lactea (Distant, 1887)
  • Pomponia linearis (Walker, 1850, zh)
  • Pomponia parafusca Kato, 1944
  • Pomponia piceata Distant, 1905
  • Pomponia picta (Walker, 1870)
  • Pomponia polei Henry, 1931
  • Pomponia promiscua Distant, 1887
  • Pomponia rajah Moulton, 1923
  • Pomponia similis Schmidt, 1924
  • Pomponia solitaria Distant, 1888
  • Pomponia surya Distant, 1904
  • Pomponia thalia (Walker, 1850)
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