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Kingdom  Plantae
Order  Polypodiales
Higher classification  Polypodiales
Division  Pteridophyta
Scientific name  Polypodiaceae
Rank  Family
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Lower classifications  Staghorn ferns, Microsorum, Polypodium vulgare, Pyrrosia, Microsorum pteropus

Microgramma vacciniifolia cip cabeludo polypodiaceae

Polypodiaceae is a family of polypod ferns, which includes more than 60 genera divided into several tribes and containing around 1,000 species. Nearly all are epiphytes, but some are terrestrial.


Polypodiaceae Digital Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador Polypodiaceae Polypody

Pleopeltis pleopeltifolia scaly polypody polypodiaceae


Polypodiaceae Campyloneurum falcoideum Polypodiaceae image 14633 at

Stems of Polypodiaceae range from erect to long-creeping. The fronds are entire, pinnatifid, or variously forked or pinnate. The petioles lack stipules. The scaly rhizomes are generally creeping in nature. Polypodiaceae species are found in wet climates, most commonly in rain forests. In temperate zones, most species tend to be epiphytic or epipetric.

Polypodiaceae Polypodiaceae

Notable examples of ferns in this family include the resurrection fern (Pleopeltis polypodioides) and the golden serpent fern (Phlebodium aureum).


Polypodiaceae Family Polypodiaceae

Recent molecular phylogenic analysis has led to the division of the Polypodiaceae into five subfamiles, and to the inclusion of genera that have at various times been placed in other families, including the Drynariaceae, Grammitidaceae, Gymnogrammitidaceae, Loxogrammaceae, Platyceriaceae, and Pleurisoriopsidaceae. In the list that follows, the taxa shown with the "(=)" prefix are considered to be synonymyms for the accepted subfamily name that they follow. However, this does not necessarily imply that the subfamily contains all of the synonym's previous genera.

  • Subfamily Loxogrammoideae H.Schneid. 2011

  • Polypodiaceae FilePolypodiaceae spp Moore43png Wikimedia Commons(=) tribe Loxogrammeae R.M.Tryon & A.F.Tryon 1982 (=) family Loxogrammaceae Ching ex Pic.Serm. 1975 Lacks sclerenchyma (supporting tissue) in plant body, except in the roots.
  • Genera: Dictymia, Loxogramme
  • Subfamily Drynarioideae Crabbe, Jermy & Mickel 1975

  • Polypodiaceae Flower Gallery Polypodiaceae NIKA8549(=) tribe Drynarieae Subh.Chandra 1982 (=) tribe Selligueeae (author?) (=) family Drynariaceae Ching 1978 Combines drynarioid and selligueoid ferns
  • Genera: Aglaomorpha, Arthromeris, Christiopteris, Drynaria, Gymnogrammitis, Paraselliguea, Phymatopteris, Polypodiopteris, Selliguea
  • Subfamily Platycerioideae B.K.Nayar 1970
  • (=) family Platyceriaceae Ching 1978 Fronds with stellate (radiating from central point) hairs.
  • Genera: Platycerium, Pyrrosia
  • Subfamily Microsoroideae B.K.Nayar 1970 (as ‘Microsorioideae’)
  • (=) tribe Microsoreae V.N.Tu 1981
  • Genera: Dendroconche, Goniophlebium, Kaulinia, Kontumia, Lecanopteris, Lemmaphyllum, Lepisorus, Lepidomicrosorium, Leptochilus, Microsorum, Neocheiropteris, Neolepisorus, Paragramma, Phymatosorus, Podosorus, Thylacopteris, Tricholepidium
  • Subfamily Polypodioideae B.K.Nayar 1970
  • (=) tribe Polypodieae Hooker & Lindley ex Duby (sensu Mabberley 2008)
  • Non-grammitid ferns:
  • Genera: Campyloneurum, Microgramma, Niphidium, Pecluma, Phlebodium, Pleopeltis, Pleurosoriopsis, Polypodium, Serpocaulon, Synammia
  • Grammitid ferns (includes family Grammitidaceae)
  • Genera: Acrosorus, Adenophorus, Calymmodon, Ceradenia, Chrysogrammitis, Cochlidium, Ctenopterella, Dasygrammitis, Enterosora, Grammitis, Lellingeria, Leucostrichum, Luisma, Melpomene, Micropolypodium, Oreogrammitis, Prosaptia (incl. Ctenopteris), Radiogrammitis, Scleroglossum (incl. Nematopteris), Terpsichore, Themelium, Tomophyllum, Xiphopterella, Xiphopteris, Zygophlebia
  • Phylogeny

    The following phylogram shows a likely relationship between the Polypodiaceae subfamilies.


    Polypodiaceae Wikipedia

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