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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Polyorchidae
Phylum  Cnidaria
Class  Hydrozoa
Rank  Genus
Order  Anthomedusae
Polyorchis CalPhotos Polyorchis penicillatus Bell Medusa
Similar  Anthomedusae, Aglantha digitale, Corynidae, Gonionemus, Cladonematidae

A choir of polyorchis bell jellies

Polyorchis or Bell Jellies are not a true jelly but actually a hydromedusae, or hydrozoans like Velella and Portuguese Man-of-War. They are transparent with red coloration in their internal organs and eyespots around the rim of their bell. The red pigmentation helps them camouflage. They are often found in harbors, marinas, and other calm waters close to shore. They feed on plankton and benthic crustaceans and are found near the sea floor. Bell jellies bells can reach about 2.25 inches (5cm).


Polyorchis Polyorchis penicillatus

Polyorchis penicillatus 2

Polyorchis Polyorchis penicillatus Zooplankton Guide
Polyorchis Polyorchis penicillatus
Polyorchis Bell Jelly Polyorchis penicillatus There is nothing here Flickr
Polyorchis Red Eye Medusa Polyorchis penicillatus

Polyorchis Polyorchis penicillatus Zooplankton Guide


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