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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Polymorphida
Scientific name  Polymorphus
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Acanthocephala
Family  Polymorphidae
Higher classification  Polymorphidae
Polymorphus acanthocephalamyspeciesinfositesacanthocephala
Similar  Acanthocephala, Polymorphidae, Profilicollis, Palaeacanthocephala, Acanthocephalus

Stentor polymorphus in darkfield 3

Polymorphus is a genus of parasitic worms from the phylum Acanthocephala. This group uses amphipod crustaceans as intermediate hosts and various birds as final hosts.


The genus used to be a larger group, but species that were formerly placed in the genus have now been placed in the genus Profilicollis based on morphological characteristics and the use of decapod crustaceans as intermediate hosts.

Stentor polymorphus full brightfield


  • Polymorphus actuganensis Petrochenko, 1949
  • Polymorphus acutis Van Cleave and Starrett, 1940
  • Polymorphus biziurae Johnston and Edmonds, 1948
  • Polymorphus cetaceum (Johnston and Best, 1942)
  • Polymorphus cincli Belopolskaya, 1959
  • Polymorphus contortus (Bremser, 1821)
  • Polymorphus corynoides Skrjabin, 1913
  • Polymorphus crassus Van Cleave, 1924
  • Polymorphus cucullatus Van Cleave and Starrett, 1940
  • Polymorphus diploinflatus Lundström, 1942
  • Polymorphus gavii Hokhlova, 1965
  • Polymorphus kostylewi Petrochenko, 1949
  • Polymorphus magnus Skrjabin, 1913
  • Polymorphus marchii (Porta, 1910)
  • Polymorphus marilis Van Cleave, 1939
  • Polymorphus mathevossianae Petrochenko, 1949
  • Polymorphus meyeri Lundström, 1942
  • Polymorphus miniatus (Linstow, 1896)
  • Polymorphus obtusus Van Cleave, 1918
  • Polymorphus paradoxus Connell and Corner, 1957
  • Polymorphus phippsi Kostylev, 1922
  • Polymorphus striatus (Goeze, 1782)
  • Polymorphus strumosoides Lundström, 1942
  • Polymorphus swartzi Schmidt, 1965
  • Polymorphus trochus Van Cleave, 1945
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