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Pocong vs Kuntilanak

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Director  David Purnomo
Country  Indonesia
2.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Writer  David Purnomo
Language  Indonesian
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Release date  2008 (2008)

Pocong vs kuntilanak part 3 flv

Pocong vs Kuntilanak is a 2008 horror film, directed and written by David Purnomo, and produced by Zainal Susanto. The main cast consists of Ahmad Zaki, Alia Rosa, and Aldiansyah Taher.


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In the Dutch Colonial Era of Indonesia, Raden Soekotjo's feelings toward Nyi Soroh become known. Raden is going to Nyi's house to tell her of his feelings for her. She has already fallen in love and married a Dutch sea captain named Von Klingen. Raden is angered by this and kills Nyi; her family's Kuntilanak spirit guardian is awakened. Raden then goes after Von Klingen because Raden found out that the Kuntilanak was after him. Unable to escape, Kuntilanak kills him. His last words to his relatives were not to undo the rope around his pocong shroud, so that he could become a Pocong spirit.

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War exists in the following generations of the Soekotjo and the Von Klingen families between the family's guardians, the Pocong, and the Kuntilanak. Then there comes the time of the generation of Marcell Soekotjo and Vonny Von Klingen.

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It is revealed to us that Vonny is a high school girl, with two best friends Bi, and Noo. Noo, is boyfriends with Sa, whose best friend is Big, a tattooist. We learn also that Big's boss happens to be none other than Marcell Soekotjo, the aforementioned descendent of Raden Soekotjo. After the girl's visit Big, and Marcell at the tattoo parlor, they later go to Vonny's house, where under Sa's influence they decide to summon a Pocong. Meanwhile, the Kuntilanak, realizing that Vonny is its new caste, goes to Vonny's as well to start protecting her from harm. When the Kuntilanak finally arrives, it frightens the group of friends enough, that they desperately call out for the Pocong spirit's help.

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As it arrives, it manages to ward of the Kuntilanak for the moment, but not before officially reopening the family feud. Following this encounter Vonny goes to her grandmother for information, and is informed that unless Vonny agrees to take control of the Kuntilanak, and learns how to control it, the creature will continue to go on its rampage. Eventually the Pocong takes possession of Marcell, and uses his body to fight the Kuntilanak head to head at an even clip. When they meet Marcell's mother Agnes, she informs them that the only way to end there accursed feud, is for Vonny to marry Marcell. Agreeing to the conditions, based on her deep affections for Marcell throughout the movie, Vonny takes the ring, and the Pocong's rope is untied, ending its control over Marcell. The Kuntilanak disappears as well as Vonny and her family are no longer in danger from any of the Soekotjo family, or anyone else.


  • Ahmed Zaki
  • Allya Rossa
  • Aldiansyah Taher
  • Ikhasan Samiaji
  • Puspita Diana
  • Amanda Faried
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