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Playa Fly

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Birth name  Ibn Young
Name  Playa Fly
Also known as  Lil' Fly Lil Flizy
Role  Record producer

Occupation(s)  Rapper
Genres  Hip hop music
Years active  1993–present
Music group  Three 6 Mafia
Playa Fly Playa Fly IBN Lyrics Genius
Born  September 2, 1977 (age 38) Memphis, Tennessee (1977-09-02)
Labels  Prophet Entertainment, Super Sigg Records, Minnie Mae Muzik
Associated acts  Three 6 Mafia, Prophet Posse, Gangsta Blac
Albums  Just Gettin' It On, Fly2K, Da Game Owe Me, Fly Shit, When the Smoke Clears: Si

Playa fly all my life prod by zaytoven

Playa Fly (born Ibn Young on September 2, 1977) is an American rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. Fly was a member of the Three 6 Mafia (now known as Three 6 Mafia, then known as Lil' Fly), but he stopped collaborating in 1995 due to monetary disputes and philosophical differences after recording one album under the group's guidance. Pursuing a solo career as Playa Fly, he released one independent album before signing a three-album contract with Super Sigg Records. During that period he had many underground hits, perhaps the most famous being "Nobody Needs Nobody". Fly's early hit immediately gained notoriety from the song "Triple Bitch Mafia", which lashed out against his former group.


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Playa fly exclusive interview with memphisrap com part 1

Early life and Triple 6 Mafia

Playa Fly Playa Fly quotNobody Needs Nobodyquot YouTube

Young was born in Memphis in 1977 and grew up on South Parkway where he largely raised by his grandmother. His father was the musician Willie David Young. A.K.A, Mr. Bill Chill, a former member of The Avantis and The Ovations, while his mother was a drug dealer, an activity that Young also got involved in at the age of thirteen.

Playa Fly Playa Fly Crownin Me YouTube

Under the title Lil' Fly, Young began his career at the age of sixteen, testing the waters with "Don't Never Test His Pimpin" as a start. He eventually became affiliated with DJ Paul and Juicy J of Triple 6 Mafia (Now known as Three 6 Mafia) and under the wing of the up-and-coming producers, "Slangin' Rocks" was produced (part one featured on his underground single, part two featured on DJ Paul's Vol. 16 For Da Summa Of '94). He was featured on Gangsta Blac's underground hit album, Breakin Da Law, and the Three 6 Mafia's first mainstream album, Mystic Stylez. It was even planned for releasing Fly's first album on their label (which was, at that time, Prophet Entertainment) and his first single, "From Da Darkness Of Da Kut", was released in 1994. After leaving the group a year later, Fly put out his infamous diss record, "Triple Bitch Mafia", then changed his title to Playa Fly and was featured on Tommy Wright III's On the Run album before signing with Super Sigg Records. Playa Fly has expanded all over the south by influencing young cliques like I.B.N. (who uses Fly's real name as their title), based in Decatur, Georgia.

Super Sigg

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In 1996, Playa Fly released his first album with Super Sigg, Fly Shit. The album had songs such as "Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth", "Da Show", "Crownin' Me", "Flizy Comin' (Triple Bitch Mafia pt.2)" and "Work To Do". It included other artists such as Gangsta Blac, Bill Chill, Criminal Manne, Icy K, D-A-V, Tay-Dog and Playa Posse. This album was also where Fly began his association with producer Blackout.

Playa Fly Playa Fly Fly Shit CD Rap Music Guide

In 1998, Movin' On was released. Movin' On had such tracks as "Situation", "Start Runnin", "Nobody", "Funk-N-Bonk" and "Write Sum Bump". It also featured Gangsta Blac, Bill Chill (Fly's father), Minnie Mae Mafia, and Cool B. Fly's father died shortly before this album's completion.

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Just Gettin' It On, a re-release of his underground solo CD (with a bonus track), was released by Diamond in March 1999. Da Game Owe Me was released in November of the same year, the last album to be released by Super Sigg Records. Just Gettin' It On had songs like "Gettin' It On", "Just Awaken Shaken", "Triple Bitch Mafia" and "Fuck A Wanna Be". Just Gettin' It On included the Minnie Mae Mafia, Terror, Lil' Yo, Gangsta Blac and the late Bill Chill. The album's bonus track, "Fuck A Wanna Be", had a video made for it (under the title "Just A Wanna Be") and is Playa Fly's only music video. Da Game Owe Me featured Gangsta Blac, Thaistik, Blackout and Terror.

Minnie Mae Muzik

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After leaving Super Sigg, Playa Fly created his own label named after his grandmother, Minnie Mae Muzik. On this label, Fly began production on Fly2K along with the forces of Diamond Records. Midway through the project, Fly was arrested for possession of narcotics and sent to prison to serve a seven-year sentence in 1999. The release date for Fly2K was pushed back from 2000 to 2002. Playa Fly was still present on his album while he was in prison, as he rapped a cappella over the phone ("Flexxin' Skit" and "Sap Sucka"). Fly2K was released in November 2002, the album included such songs like "Bill Chill Lives" (a tribute to Bill Chill), "Universal Heartthrob", "Here Fly Come", "Club Friendly", "We Ain't Playin Witcha", "Life Goes On" and "Few & Da Proud". The album included other artist like Mista Tito, Maimi Miane, D-A-V, Bubba Wiley, Thaistik, DeRico, R-E-G and LaCynthia.

In mid-2006, Fly was released from prison and resumed his career, with a new album planned - Mafia All Day. On July 5, a single "Horses", was featured on the XXL website. In addition to his release, Fly joined the New Prophet Camp.

In December 2010, Playa Fly released the single "Blast Off", taken from the new Mafia All Day album that has been delayed for more than two years.


  • 1993: From Da Darkness Of Da Kut (as Lil Fly) (underground album)
  • 1996: Fly Shit
  • 1998: Movin' On - US R&B Albums #90
  • 1999: Just Gettin' It On
  • 1999: Da Game Owe Me - US R&B Albums #63
  • 2002: Fly2K - US R&B Albums #64, Top Independent Albums #33
  • TBA: Mafia All Day
  • Mixtapes

  • 2007: Prepare Or Beware: Da Mafia Massacre
  • 2010: K.O.A.K. (King of All Kings) Produced by DJ Scream
  • 2011: Fly In July
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