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Pierre II de Villiers

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Name  Pierre de

Pierre II de Villiers was born in 1365, and resided in the Castle of L'Isle-Adam until he died in 1399. He was lord of L'Isle-Adam until the death of his father, and he later became the chamberlain of King Charles VI.


His family

Pierre II de Villiers was the son of Pierre I de Villiers, (1320–1386) who was married to Marguerite de Vendome (1345–1382), Father of Jean II de Villiers, seigneur de L'Isle-Adam; Robert de Villiers, seigneur de Valmondois and Jeanne de Villiers Brother of Perronelle de Villiers. Half brother of Isabeau de Villiers; Catherine de Villiers and Jeanne de Villiers, dame de Maci

Pierre II de Villiers and his family lived in the Castle of L'Isle-Adam. His father Pierre I de Villiers made his will in 1383 and in 1386 he became the King of France. He died a few months later on 1 July 1386 at the age of 66. After his death, the estate ownership of L'Isle-Adam went to his son Pierre II de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam who later became the Chamberlain(officer in charge of managing the household for nobles men) of King Charles VI.


Pierre II de Villiers was already chamberlain of King Charles VI of France, when, on 21 May 1383, he married, by contract, Jeanne de Châtillon, daughter of Charles and Jeanne de Coucy.

As the king's chamberlain, he negotiated with the Parisians on behalf of the Duke of Anjou.

In 1390, a suit was brought against him by his half-brother, also called Pierre, Archdeacon of Sologne, concerning the estate of their father. On August 20, 1390 Pierre II was ordered to pay his half-brother six hundred pounds in land and an increased dowry. However, on 9 April, the Court awarded him the lordships of L'Isle-Adam and Valmondois. His half-brother was obligated to keep and maintain the agreement made between them .

On 7 September 1396, a judgment recognized the lord of Isle-Adam, the right warren on all non-agricultural land of his lordship, that law challenged him several owners of the land .

Pierre II de Villiers died very young at the age of 34 in 1399. His wife, Jeanne de Châtillon, chatelaine of L'Isle-Adam, received the castle in 1402 after the death of her husband and during the minority of Jean de Villiers de L'Isle -Adam, Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. The son did not access the lordship until the death of his mother, because it is still alive in 1457. In 1411, a transaction between her and her two sons, allowed them to largely inherit their father's property and to have enjoyment.


Pierre II de Villiers married Jeanne de Châtillon ( 1370–1457 ), daughter of Charles de Châtillon and Jeanne de Coucy, May 21, 1383.

They are the parents of:

  • Jeanne de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, married to Lyonnel Bournonville, captain for the Duke of Burgundy, lord of the earth and the castle of La Bretèche, mother:
  • Mahaut of Bournonville (1400 - 1462)
  • Valeran Bournonville, governor of the fortress of Beaumont-en-Argonne, author of Bournonville in Champagne .
  • Jean de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (1384–1437), Marshal of France, knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, governor of Holland, captain of Pontoise and Paris, killed protecting the Duke Philip the Good during a riot in Bruges, lord of L'Isle-Adam, Domont and Yvor, married Jeanne de Vallengoujart and father:
  • Jacques de Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, Lord of L'Isle-Adam, chamberlain of the king, father:
  • Philippe Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, grand master of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1521 .
  • Pernelle Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, lady Yvors.
  • Robert de Villiers, Lord of Valmondois and Boucherville.
  • On June 25, 1441, he married Jeanne de Saulaye (daughter of Jean de Saulaye, knight, lord of Lauberdière) lady and heiress Lauberdière (in Anjou ) including Robert de Villiers became the lord. Robert Villiers is author of the branch of Villiers-Lauberdière, out of which also stem from Villiers-Graffinière. The first is extinguished at the end of the seventeenth century in the family of Pont-Aubevoye who took the name of Lauberdière, the second was extinguished in Perriers family. General Count de Pont Aubevoye the Lauberdière down Robert de Villiers. Villiers Family Lauberdière wore arms Argent a bend Gules accompanied chief of a rose of the same.


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