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Piccarda Bueri

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Noble family

Edoardo Bueri

Piccarda Bueri

Edoardo Bueri

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Cosimo de' Medici, Lorenzo the Elder

Carlo de' Medici, Piero di Cosimo de' Medici, Giovanni di Cosimo de' Medici, Pierfrancesco the Elder

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1368 (age 65)

1433 (aged 65)

Piccarda Bueri (1368–1433) was an Italian noblewoman of the Renaissance.


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Piccarda Bueri Piccarda Bueri and Giovanni di Bicci The Medici Banks origins

She was the daughter of Edoardo Bueri, a member of a family of ancient lineage from Florence with economic interests in other cities; the family was in fact in Verona in the first half of the fourteenth century when she was born. She was married to the young banker Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici in 1386. She brought a dowry of 1500 florins to the marriage.

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She was known for her beauty, but her husband was known for being ugly. The marriage brought respectability to Giovanni and their children, since he was not of noble descent. Just before he died, he asked her to take care of their children. She was buried with him after her death in the Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo.

Piccarda Bueri de' Medici (1368-1433, wife of Giovanni di Bicci) | Detroit  Institute of Arts Museum

Upon her death, Carlo Marsuppini wrote a eulogy in which he sang her praises, in which he compared the love between Piccarda and Giovanni with that of famous couples from antiquity. In it, he compared her with Penelope, Artemisia II of Caria, Julia and Porcia Catonis.


  • Cosimo di Giovanni de' Medici (1389–1464)
  • Lorenzo di Giovanni de' Medici (1395–1440)
  • Damiano (d.1390)
  • Antonio (born c. 1398)
  • Fictional Depictions

    Bueri is portrayed by Frances Barber in the 2016 television series Medici: Masters of Florence.


    Piccarda Bueri Wikipedia