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Pib and Pog

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Director  Peter Peake
Music director  Mike Prudence
Country  UK
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Animation, Short, Comedy
Screenplay  Peter Peake
Writer  Peter Peake
Language  English
Pib and Pog movie poster
Release date  7 January 1995 (UK) 10 April 1996 (New York City)
Cast  Roy Macready, Nigel Betts, Joanna Wake
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Pib and pog ingles

Pib and Pog is the name of both a short film and a series of shorts created by Aardman Animations.


Pib and Pog movie scenes

The animation is set up like a typical pre-school programme, introduced by a soft-spoken narrator who translates what the characters say to the audience. However, as the show goes on, it gradually turns into a black comedy where the characters attempt to harm each other constantly - like shooting each other in the stomach with guns, kicking each other in the buttocks, sticking each other's heads in concentrated sulphuric acid, sawing each other in half and blowing each other up with cannons. After the show has finished, the "actors" (the same characters with a more worn-out expression) break character and reveal themselves to be much older and grumpier than the characters they portray.

Pib and Pog FaZE Pib and Pog YouTube

The characters were later used in an advertising campaign for Dairylea products on UK television, and made a cameo in the eighth episode of Rex the Runt.

Pib and Pog Festival de Lille Format Court

Pib and pog the kitchen s1 ep04

Short film (1995)

Pib and Pog Pib and Pog Video Dailymotion

Pib and Pog is a 6-minute animated short film made by Peter Peake for Aardman Animations which originally aired on Channel 4 in 1995.


Pib and Pog Pib Pog on Vimeo
  • Joanna Wake - Narrator (voice)
  • Nigel Betts - Pib (voice)
  • Roy Macready - Pog (voice)
  • Critical reception

    Pib and Pog Dairylea Dunkers Bell 1999 UK YouTube

    Pib and Pog received a rating of 7.1/10 from 216 users on IMDb.

    Awards and nominations

    This is a list of awards and nominations of Pib and Pog.

    Series (2006)

    In 2006, five additional shorter episodes were made in association with the BBC and were available to watch online at AtomFilms until it was absorbed into Comedy Central. All Pib and Pog episodes can now be seen on YouTube as of August 2012.


  • Joanna Wake as the Narrator
  • Andrew Wilson as Pib and Pog (noise)
  • Peter Peake as the Director
  • Nigel Betts as Pib (talking)
  • Roy Macready as Pog (talking)
  • Credits

  • Music: Mike Prudence
  • Sound Editor: Andrew Wilson
  • Animation: Ian Whitlock, Maxine Guest, Simon Quinn, Tricia Budd, John MacLeavy
  • Model Makers: Tim Farrington, Jack Goodyear
  • Camera: John Bradley, Glenn Hall
  • Graphics: Ceri Davies
  • Production Assistant: Jo Allen
  • Film Editor: Helen Garrard
  • Director of Photography: Dave Alex Riddett
  • Executive Producers: Peter Lord, David Sproxton
  • Produced by: Carla Shelley
  • Written and Directed by: Peter Peake
  • Episodes


    Too many sweets had taken their toll on Pog so Pib turns to dentitry and removes the tooth then fills Pog's mouth shut.

    Peter's Room

    Pib and Pog find chocolate that makes Pib sick so Pog staples Pib's mouth shut but Pib barfs through his eyes.

    X Factor

    Pib auditions to become a contestant on the X Factor and Pog plays Simon Cowell. Pog gives Pib negative feedback then Pib blows Pog's head off with a microphone.

    The Kitchen

    Pog lets Pib lick the whisk he used to make a cake with and Pib's tongue gets stuck in it. Pib then cuts Pog's face off with a knife and it lands in the cake.

    Daddy's Study

    Pib and Pog find a porno DVD in Daddy's Study. They watch some of the film then Pib throws the disc and it pierces Pog's head.

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