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Pi Piscium

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Magnitude  5.6
Apparent magnitude (V)  5.6
Constellation  Pisces
Pi Piscium

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Pi Piscium (Pi Psc, π Piscium, π Psc) is a star approximately 110 light years away from Earth, in the constellation Pisces. It is a yellowish white star of the spectral type F0V, meaning it possesses a surface temperature of 6,000 to 7,500 kelvins, and is approximately the same size as the Sun, yet brighter and hotter in surface temperature. It has a rotational velocity of about 96 kilometers per second at its equator. It is a variable star.


In Chinese, 右更 (Yòu Gèng), meaning Official in Charge of the Pasturing, refers to an asterism consisting of refers to an asterism consisting of π Piscium, η Piscium, ρ Piscium, ο Piscium and 104 Piscium. Consequently, π Piscium itself is known as 右更三 (Yòu Gèng sān, English: the Third Star of Official in Charge of the Pasturing.)


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