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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Phytoseiidae
Scientific name  Phytoseiulus
Higher classification  Amblyseiinae
Order  Mesostigmata
Superorder  Parasitiformes
Subfamily  Amblyseiinae
Phylum  Arthropoda
Rank  Genus
Subclass  Acari
Phytoseiulus Phytoseiulus persimilis Evergreen Growers Supply LLC
Similar  Predatory mite, Amblyseius, Phytoseiidae, Amblyseius californicus, Tetranychus

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Phytoseiulus is a genus of mites in the Phytoseiidae family. A predatory mite, this is the mite predator most frequently used to control two-spotted spider mites in greenhouses and outdoor crops grown in mild environments. This mite was accidentally introduced into Germany from Chile in 1958; it was subsequently shipped to other parts of the world, including California and Florida, from Germany. A Phytoseiulus mite can consume up to seven adult spider mites or several dozen of their eggs in a day. Adult females are reddish, pear-shaped, about 0.5 mm long, and active at room temperature. Immatures and males are smaller and lighter in color. Eggs are oblong. About 80% are females. At optimum temperatures, Phytoseiidae can develop from egg to adult in 7 days and live up to a month. A well-fed female lays about 50 eggs in her lifetime.


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Biological control of spider mite phytoseiulus persimilis


Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Control Phytoseiulus persimilis

Ideal temperature range is 70–85°F (20–30°C) with relative humidity of 70–80% inside the plant canopy. Minimum temperature for activity is 50°F (10°C). This predator does best when humidity is 60% or higher with a temperature range of 55–105°F.


Phytoseiulus Phytoseiulus persimilis Evergreen Growers Supply LLC

(typical values @ 68–77°F) sex ratio: four females/male
average eggs laid per day: 2.4
lifespan: 30–36 days - days from egg to adult: 7.5
average eggs per female: 54
population increase = 44 x in generation time of 17 days
prey consumed per day: 7 adults, 20 immatures or 25 eggs


The genus Phytoseiulus contains these species:

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  • Phytoseiulus fragariae Denmark & Schicha, 1983
  • Phytoseiulus longipes Evans, 1958
  • Phytoseiulus macropilis (Banks, 1904)
  • Phytoseiulus persimilis Athias-Henriot, 1957
  • Phytoseiulus riegeli Dosse, 1958
  • Phytoseiulus robertsi (Baker, 1990)
  • Phytoseiulus tardi (Lombardini, 1959)

  • Phytoseiulus Mite Predator Phytoseiulus persimilis Biological Control of
    Phytoseiulus Spider Mite Control Phytoseiulus persimilis
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