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Philodryas baroni

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Kingdom  Animalia
Subphylum  Vertebrata
Suborder  Serpentes
Scientific name  Philodryas baroni
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Squamata
Family  Colubridae
Higher classification  Philodryas
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South american green racer philodryas baroni

Philodryas baroni, common name Baron's green racer, is a species of colubrid snake. The Latin name baroni honors Manuel Barón Morlat, who collected the first specimens.


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Philodryas baroni can reach a total length of about 150–180 centimetres (59–71 in). The males are smaller than the females. The length of the tail is about 30% of the total body length. This species is the longest known in the genus Philodryas. The head is small and elongated, with an extension of the rostral scale, forming a small flexible nasal protuberance more developed in males. The coloration of the body is rather variable. Usually it is green, but there are found specimen tending to blue or brown. The pattern can be uniform or with black longitidinal stripes on the back and on the sides, in the anterior third of the body. The ventral area under the black lateral lines can be white or yellowish-white, sometimes with shades of green or blue. They are oviparous and opisthoglyphous reptiles, i.e. equipped with fangs.


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Philodryas baroni is a strictly arboreal snake, with an intense activity during the day. It is generally non-aggressive. If they are frightened, they emit a foul-smelling substance from the cloaca. These snakes feed on small mice, small lizards and amphibians. It does not seem to have a powerful venom, however caution is required. The observed effects are limited to edema accompanied by slight burning pain and minimal local bleeding.


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This species can be found in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. It lives in the forests and in savannah woodlands.

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Philodryas baroni Wikipedia

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