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Philippe François Armand Marie de Noailles

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Predecessor  Henri-Antoine-Marie
Successor  Antoine-Georges-Marie
Name  Philippe Armand

Reign  1 November 1947 – 28 February 2011
Born  17 April 1922 (1922-04-17)
Died  28 February 2011(2011-02-28) (aged 88)
Spouse  Diane de Castellane Joan Douglas Dillon
Issue  Nathalie-Marie-Therese de Noailles Antoine Georges Marie de Noailles Alexis Marie de Noailles

Philippe François Armand Marie de Noailles, Duc de Mouchy, Prince-Duc de Poix (17 April 1922 in Paris – 28 February 2011) was a cadet of the French ducal house of Noailles (created dukes and peers of France in 1663 by Louis XIV), and second in succession to the senior title. He was the eldest son of Henri-Antoine-Marie de Noailles, Duc de Mouchy, Prince-Duc de Poix, and of Marie de La Rochefoucauld. Following his marriage to Joan Dillon, he became managing director of Domaine Clarence Dillon. Together, the couple acquired Château La Mission Haut-Brion, Château Laville Haut-Brion and Château La Tour Haut-Brion.



Philippe was married twice. His first wife was Diane de Castellane (b. Paris 19 February 1927), whom he married in Paris (civ.) 14 April 1948 and (rel.) 20 April 1948 (div. 1974). They had two sons and one daughter.

His second wife was HRH Princess Joan of Luxembourg, née Joan Douglas Dillon (b. New York City, New York, 31 January 1935). She was the widow of Prince Charles of Luxembourg (a son of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg), whom she married at St. Edward's, in Sutton Park, Guildford, Surrey, on 1 March 1967, the former wife of James Brady Moseley (New York City, New York, 22 May 1931 – Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 9 April 1998), son of wealthy Boston stockbroker Frederick S. Moseley, Jr. and wife Jane H. Brady, whom she married firstly in Paris on 1 August 1953 and divorced in Washoe County, Nevada, on 12 December 1955 and annulled in Rome on 22 June 1963. She was the daughter of U.S. Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon and his wife, Phyllis Chess Ellsworth. They married at Islesboro, Maine, on 3 August 1978, without issue. By this marriage, the Duc de Mouchy had a stepson and two stepdaughters.

Through his great-grandmother, Princess Anne Murat, Philippe was related to Napoleon's Marshal Joachim Murat, who was Anne's grandfather. Anne was married to Antoine Just Léon Marie, 6th Duc de Mouchy, 6th Prince-Duc de Poix, Philippe's great grandfather. Marshal Murat was married to Caroline Bonaparte, the younger sister of Napoleon Bonaparte


  • Nathalie Marie Thérèse de Noailles (b. Neuilly 11 February 1949); m. (civ) Paris 25 April 1981 (rel) Nançay 23 May 1981 (div 1989) Christian Charles Meissirel-Marquot (b. Bayonne 27 August 1945)
  • Antoine-Georges-Marie de Noailles, Duc de Mouchy et de Poix in 2011 (b. Paris 7 September 1950); m. Saint-Hilarion 20 June 1980 Isabelle Marie Jeanne Hélène Frisch de Fels (b. Neuilly 29 May 1955)
  • Mélanie Véronique Marie de Noailles (b. Paris 11 September 1981)
  • Charles Antoine Marie de Noailles, styled Prince de Poix (b. Paris 15 February 1984) heir to his father's titles
  • Adrien François Marie de Noailles (b. Paris 10 May 1985)
  • Alexis Marie de Noailles (b. Paris 5 September 1952); m. Paris 6 September 2004 Princess Diane d'Orléans (b. Neuilly 24 June 1970) daughter of Prince Jacques and Princess Gersende, Duke and Duchess of Orléans
  • Céline de Noailles (b. 14 January 2005)
  • Léontine de Noailles (b. 2006)
  • Victoire de Noailles
  • The Ducs de Mouchy

    The Noailles family first rose to prominence with Antoine, 1st comte de Noailles, who was French Ambassador in England 1553–1556. The family reached its peak under Adrien Maurice de Noailles, 3rd Duc de Noailles, Marshal of France and his brother the Cardinal-Archbishop of France. The 3rd Duke's father and two of his sons were also Marshals of France. Today, there are two ducal branches – the ducs de Noailles and their cousins the ducs de Mouchy, represented by their head the 7th Duc de Mouchy (subject of this biography).

    Philippe, Duc de Mouchy, is descended from a marshal of France Philippe Cte de Noailles (27 December 1715-guillotined at Paris 27 June 1794) who was the 5th child (of six children) and second (and younger) son of Adrien-Maurice de Noailles, 3rd Duc de Noailles, etc. (29 September 1678 – 24 June 1766), also a marshal of France.

    The first Duc de Mouchy was created Prince de Poix 1729 aged 14 and Duc de Mouchy 1749 aged 34 in Spain, and was also granted the French title of duc de Poix à brevêt in 1767. The first Duc de Poix and his Duchesse were both guillotined 27 June 1794 at Paris, during the Reign of Terror.

    The 1st Duc de Poix was succeeded by his fourth but first surviving son :

  • Philippe Louis Marc Antoine, 1st Duc de Mouchy, 2nd Duc de Poix et de Mouchy, cr 1st Duc de Mouchy 1817 (21 December 1752 – 15 February 1819), first surviving son of the Duc de Poix styled Duc de Mouchy after his Spanish title (d. 1794) and grandson of the 3rd Duc de Noailles. The 1st Duc was succeeded by his two sons in succession. The second son was :
  • Antoine Claude Dominique Just, 3rd Duc de Mouchy, 4th Pr-Duc de Poix, Cte de l'Empire 1810 (25 August 1777 – 1 August 1846) who married a relative of Talleyrand and had issue including :
  • Charles Philippe Henri, 4th Duc de Mouchy, 5th Pr-Duc de Poix (Paris 9 September 1808 – Paris 25 November 1854), father of :
  • Antoine Just Léon Marie 5th Duc de Mouchy, 6th Pr-Duc de Poix (Paris 19 April 1841 – Paris 2 February 1909), grandfather of :
  • Henry Antoine Marie, 6th Duc de Mouchy, 7th Pr-Duc de Poix (Paris 9 April 1890 – Paris 1 November 1947), father of :
  • Philippe François Armand Marie 7th Duc de Mouchy, 8th Pr-Duc de Poix (Paris 17 April 1922 – February 2011). The Mouchy dukedom here is French (he also possesses the Spanish dukedom of that name created in 1749).
  • Royal connections

    The Duc de Mouchy was cousin to HH Princess Yolande de Ligne, wife of Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria, fourth son of Karl I, last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary; and to her brother HH Antoine, 14th Prince de Ligne, married to HRH Princess Alix of Luxembourg, aunt of the present Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

    His daughter-in-law is HRH Princess Diane d'Orleans, daughter of Jacques Duc d'Orleans and of the duchess, born Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès, herself a daughter of the Duc et Duchesse de Sabran-Pontevès. As a result of this marriage to his younger son, Alexis, the Mouchy family is related to the Orleans pretenders to the French throne. The current title holder is Henri, HRH the count of Paris, Duc de France, uncle of Diane.


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