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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Rhacophoridae
Scientific name  Philautus
Higher classification  Rhacophorinae
Order  Frog
Suborder  Neobatrachia
Subfamily  Rhacophorinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Philautus Philautus photo Philautus kerangae G84036 ARKive
Lower classifications  Raorchestes parvulus, Pseudophilautus asankai, Raorchestes chalazodes, Pseudophilautus alto, Philautus jacobsoni

Philautus luteolus

Philautus is a genus of shrub frogs in the family Rhacophoridae from Asia. Some species in this genus are now considered extinct by IUCN, while others are widespread and abundant (such as the recently described P. abundus, which was specifically named for this fact). The taxonomy of the group is unclear, with many poorly described species.


Philautus Philautus macroscelis

This genus is unique in that development not direct, with all growth inside the egg and no free-swimming tadpole stage. Some species have been found to bury their eggs in soil, although they are arboreal, and others attach their eggs to leaves.

Philautus Philautus videos photos and facts Philautus kerangae ARKive

Philautus anili


In early 2009, Delhi University researchers revised this genus after discovering and rediscovering species in Western Ghats forest.

List of species

There are currently 51 species in this genus:

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Philautus Philautus videos photos and facts Philautus ocularis ARKive
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