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Phatteman Rajbhandari

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Native name  फत्तेमान राजभण्डारी
Nationality  Nepali

Name  Phatteman Rajbhandari
Died  September 9, 2013
Phatteman Rajbhandari httpsiytimgcomvie7LybGajLZMhqdefaultjpg
Born  November 28, 1936Kathmandu, Nepal
Cause of death  Lung Cancer and age related complication
Parent(s)  Purna Maya Rajbhandari and Jeetman Rajbhandari
Awards  Sujbharajyabhisek Padak, Chinnalata Giti Puraskar, Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak, Shambhu Prasad Mishra Smriti Award, Gaddhi Arohan Rajat Mahotsab Padak, Image Life Time Achievement Award, Bhupalman Singh Sangeet Puraskar
Similar People  Nati Kaji, Shiva Shankar, Narayan Gopal, Aruna Lama, Prem Dhoj Pradhan

Phatteman rajbhandari s collection best songs non stop

Phatteman Rajbhandari (November 28, 1936 – September 9, 2013), an iconic voice in Nepali music, was a popular vocalist and musician of Nepal known for prominent songs such as "Marna Baru Garho Hunna", "Banai Khayo Dadelo Ley", "Yesto Pani Hudo Raichha", "Sannani ko Galai Ma" and "Rato Ra Chandra".


Phatteman Rajbhandari Veteran singer Phatteman dead at 77 Nepal Dispatch

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Early career

Phatteman Rajbhandari Phooleko Phool Song Phatteman RajbhandariDrArun Sayami YouTube

Based on published interview:

Phatteman Rajbhandari PHALANOcom Phatteman at 70

Phatteman Rajbhandari was born as the third child to his parents Purna Maya Rajbhandari and Jeetman Rajbhandari {a tabla player} ; He started his study at Durbar High School where he studied for 2–3 months but later joined Padmodaya High School. He however could not pursue higher education due to family circumstances.

Phatteman Rajbhandari Nepali Bhajan Jada deha yo Fatteman Rajbhandari YouTube

He started singing "Bhajans" at a young age along with some acting. After Radio Nepal was established in 1951, Phatteman got a rare opportunity to reveal his talents. He started out by singing a bhajan “Hey Ram Naam Prabhu Ko Japdai Pran Yo Jaaos”. He then sang "Yesto Pani hudo Raicha" in 1968, composed by his childhood friend, Natikaji that brought him instant recognition. In 2017 BS, Guru Das Gokhle [reference reqd] visited Nepal and Phatteman got an opportunity to train on techniques of music. He further joined Academy Sangeet in 2019 BS and was instructed by Prof. Ram Prasad in Sastriya Sangeet for 4 years.


Phatteman Rajbhandari PHALANOcom Phatteman at 70

Phatteman is considered as a pioneer in Nepali classical music and was a highly regarded singer alongside famous singers of Nepal like Narayan Gopal, Natikaji and Prem Dhoj Pradhan. In fact, Narayan Gopal was said to be a major admirer of the singer, an admiration that resulted in Gopal’s composing three of Rajbhandari’s songs—Banai Khayo Dadelo Ley, Nachinejhai and Jindagiko Pana Bhari.

Phatteman's one and only album "Phatteman at 70" composed by Aavaas during a 'Paleti' series was released when he was 70 years old and speaks to his nature as described by music critic Raman Ghimire. “It was all thanks not just to his skillful vocals, but also to a very affable nature, the kind that wasn’t looking to constantly hog the spotlight.”

He has performed in more than 400 classical songs either with vocal or with musical performance. Some of his popular songs include:

--> ‘Marna baru garo hunna‘

--> ‘Yesto pani hudo raichha jindagimaa kahile kahile’

--> ‘Sannaniko galaimaa kalo kothi raichh’

--> Banai khayo dadelole, mania khayo'

And many more national songs like,

--> ‘Rato ra Chandra Surya’


Phatteman's contribution to Nepali music has been acknowledged with several accolades during his lifetime:

  • Sujbharajyabhisek Padak in 2039 BS.
  • Chinnalata Giti Puraskar in 2052 BS.
  • Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu in 2055 BS.
  • Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak in 2058 BS.
  • Shambhu Prasad Mishra Smriti Award in 2059 BS.
  • Gaddhi Arohan Rajat Mahotsab Padak in 2059 BS.
  • Image Lifetime Achievement Award in 2060 BS.
  • Bhupalman Singh Sangeet Puraskar in 2061 BS
  • Death:

    Phatteman died on Sept 9, 2013 after his struggle with lung cancer along with age related complications. He was reportedly receiving chemotherapy at Om Hospital, Chahabahil.

    He is lived by his wife, two sons and one daughter.


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