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Initial release date  8 February 2011
Genre  Puzzle video game
Mode  Single-player video game

Developer  Codeminion
Publisher  Codeminion
Phantasmat Phantasmat Screenshots Gallery
Platforms  Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems
Similar  Codeminion games, Puzzle video games

Phantasmat all cutscenes

Phantasmat is a mystery hidden object game about a sunken town and the secrets of it. It was released on May 22, 2010 for Windows and macOS. The game uses hand-drawn graphics and was released in eleven languages. It was developed and published by Codeminion. A Collector's Edition contains an additional Epilogue adventure, strategy guide, ability to replay match-3 and hidden object levels, concept art, wallpapers and the soundtrack.


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Phantasmat Phantasmat Collector39s Edition gt iPad iPhone Android Mac amp PC

The epilogue is a special feature that you must buy to unlock. In the epilogue, you are trapped inside the hotel girl's memory, where she waits for her lover in the church, just before the dam breaks. The old lady and the hotel man are also trapped with you, and give you hints and clues to help you escape the nightmare of a memory. You must convince the girl her lover will never come, before the dam breaks and drowns you all. You go through a series of puzzles to collect objects, one of which is an engagement ring, which you must give to the girl to prove her lover's betrayal. However she does not believe you and goes to a crazy conclusion that he lost it by accident. Then, you must help the old lady restore her wealth and a photo of her, and then she helps you find a diary of a girl who was fooled by the girls lover. In the diary, the writer says she isn't the only victim of the man. You give this to the girl, and then she believes you. Then the game ends.


Phantasmat Phantasmat Walkthrough Guide amp Tips Big Fish

You have just survived a car crash in a dark and stormy night, finding yourself in the middle of nowhere. Desperate for assistance, you enter the only building in sight, the creepily named Drowned Dead Hotel. You quickly discover though, that you've stumbled upon something far more serious and sinister than a simple car crash, and from here on, you must go on a fantastical adventure to get the hell out! The hotel girl seems to be your friend. She gives you clues to help you escape.


Phantasmat Phantasmat Walkthrough Part 1 YouTube

During the game, the player has to find hidden objects by clicking the items on the screen, which are listed below. The player has also the ability to use the Match 3 mode. The game contains some point-and-click passages. By solving puzzles and playing the game, the player can unlock trophies.


Phantasmat Phantasmat Walkthrough Guide amp Tips Big Fish
  • Executive Production: Konrad Olesiewicz and Maciej Biedrzycki
  • Programming: Jaroslaw Socha
  • Production and Design: Tom Grochowiak
  • Art: Gracjana Zielinska and Lurk
  • Music: Rob Westwood
  • Sound: Arkadiusz Reikowski and Tom Grochowiak
  • Match-3 Programming: Grzegorz Taracha
  • Mac and iPad Programming: Marcin Lotecki
  • Cutscenes: Jerzy Drozda Jr.
  • Voice actors

  • The Hotel Owner: Michael McConnohie
  • The Old Lady: Vera McKinney
  • The Girl: Molly Monroe
  • The Mysterious Madman Ed Mace
  • Reception

    Phantasmat iv1lisimgcomimage7602632320fullphantasmatco

    Phantasmat received positive reception. GameZebo rated the game 4.5 of 5 stars to the game, while About.com rated it 5 of 5 stars.


    The site Big Fish Games made sequels to the Original Game. The first sequel Phantasmat: Crucible Peak was developed by ERS Games studios was release in December 2012 & Eipix Entertainment made sequel since 2015.


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