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Pronunciation  [pɛtɾɔsˈjɑn]
Region of origin  Armenia
Meaning  "son of Petros"

Petrosyan (Armenian: Պետրոսյան), Petrosian or Petrossian (Eastern Armenian), Bedrosian or Bedrossian (Western Armenian) is a common surname in Armenia. It is a patronymic from the Armenian first name Petros (equivalent to Peter, making the name effectively equivalent to Peterson).


The following people share this surname:


  • Armen Petrosyan (born 1986), Armenia-Italian kickboxer
  • Armenak Petrosyan (born 1973), Armenian professional footballer
  • Artur Petrosyan (born 1971), Armenian professional footballer
  • Galust Petrosyan (born 1981), Armenian professional footballer
  • Giorgio Petrosyan (born 1985), Armenian-Italian kickboxer
  • Leonard Petrosyan (1953–1999), Nagorno-Karabakh Republic politician; second Nagorno-Karabakh Republic President (March  – September 1997)
  • Mariam Petrosyan (born 1969), Armenian painter, cartoonist and novelist
  • Petros Petrosyan (1968–2012), Armenian painter
  • Sergey Petrosyan (born 1988), Russian weightlifter of Armenian descent
  • Vardan Petrosyan (born 1959), Armenian actor, scriptwriter, and parodist
  • Vardges Petrosyan (1932–1994), Armenian writer
  • Yevgeny Petrosyan (born 1945), Russian stand-up comedian of Armenian descent
  • Petrosian

  • Arshak Petrosian (born 1953), Armenian chess grandmaster
  • Mahaya Petrosian (born 1970), Iranian actress of Armenian descent
  • Manouk Petrosian (1676–1749), Armenian scholar and theologian
  • Tigran Petrosian (1929–1984), Soviet-Armenian chess grandmaster and world champion
  • Tigran L. Petrosian (born 1984), Armenian chess grandmaster
  • Vahé Petrosian, American astrophysicist and cosmologist
  • Petrossian

  • Petrossian (business), French international enterprise in trade of caviar and wide range of products
  • Armen Petrossian, French-Armenian businessman and director of Petrossian enterprise
  • Melkoum Petrossian, French-Armenian business, co-founder of Petrossian enterprise
  • Mouchegh Petrossian, French-Armenian business, co-founder of Petrossian enterprise
  • Marine Petrossian (born 1960), Armenian poet, essayist and columnist
  • Ter-Petrosyan / Ter-Petrossian

  • Levon Ter-Petrosyan (born 1945), Armenian politician; first Armenian President (1991–1998)
  • Semeno Ter-Petrosian (1882–1922), Bolshevik revolutionary known as Kamo
  • Bedrosian

  • Steve Bedrosian (born 1957), American former Major League Baseball player
  • Ryan Bedrosian (born 1983), Professional CA Insurance Broker in San Francisco, CA
  • Bedrossian

  • Pascal Bedrossian (born 1974), French professional footballer
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