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PerspectX is a CG animation and software development company based in Ogden, Utah.



Founded in 2002, and incorporated in 2005, the company employs artists in the United States as well as abroad, specifically in the Philippines where they have a contract office.


Software design work revolves around user interface and human factors, interactive systems, gaming and network communications. 3D animation and modeling work are primarily done for Aerospace and Defense industry clients, with some work done for broadcast and advertising purposes.

The company also produces a variety of 3D models for use in popular animation packages like 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI, LightWave 3D, Cinema 4D and other systems as well as simulators.

In 2007 PerspectX entered into a partnership with Craft Animations to provide 3-D models that are pre-rigged with Craft Director Tools. That allows you to import a model into your platform, for example, an Apollo orbiter into Maya, and then the spacecraft can be ‘flown’ with a joystick with all the motion simulated by Craft Director Tools.

One of the better known collaborations PerspectX has worked on recently was the April Fool's hoax, The Hotelicopter PerspectX took the Mil Mi-12 and created a 3D model of the Hotelicopter and then animated it to give it life.

In 2010 PerspectX joined Rapid City, South Dakota based Next Giant Leap to aid in visualizing their mission for the Google Lunar X Prize.


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