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Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

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Right ascension  23 28 36.2
Redshift  −183 ± 0 km/s
Apparent size (V)  5′.0 × 2′.7
Magnitude  13.2
Apparent magnitude (V)  13.2
Declination  +14° 44′ 35″
Type  dIrr/dSph
Distance to Earth  3.001 million light years
Constellation  Pegasus
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Similar  Pegasus Dwarf Spheroid, Aquarius Dwarf, Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular, Wolf–Lundmark–Melotte, Cassiopeia Dwarf

The Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy (also known as Peg DIG or the Pegasus Dwarf) is a dwarf irregular galaxy in the direction of the constellation Pegasus. It was discovered by A. G. Wilson in the 1950s. The Pegasus Dwarf is a companion of the Andromeda Galaxy in the Local Group.


Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Pegasus Dwarf

General information

Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy New General Catalog Objects NGC 7650 7699

In 1975 Tully & Fisher determined that it was part of the Local Group. The metallicity and the related distance estimate has been subject to discussions in the scientific literature, with varying results, however, recently, by use of the tip of the red giant branch, a distance within 10% error was achieved in 2000 and then improved to 3% in 2005.

In popular culture

Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Pegasus Dwarf Galaxy

This galaxy is presumed to be the primary location of the 2004-2009 science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis. While it's mentioned the show takes place in "the Pegasus galaxy" it has not explicitly stated if it is the Irregular or Spheroidal. However, when the Pegasus galaxy has been seen from the Midway station an irregular galaxy is shown. Also, in the discussion regarding the new McKay–Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, General Hank Landry states that the distance between the Pegasus and Milky Way galaxies is "three million light-years", suggesting that the series takes place in the Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.

Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy by DSS2WIKISKY Star Image View
Pegasus Dwarf Irregular Galaxy JeanBaptiste Faure Hubble captures Stellar Fireworks in Dwarf


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