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Pecado de Amor

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Created by  Venevisión
Country of origin  Venezuela
No. of episodes  325
Final episode date  21 January 1997
Number of episodes  325
Cast  Karina
Starring  Karina Víctor Cámara
Original language(s)  Spanish
First episode date  8 December 1995
Network  Venevisión
Program creator  Venevisión
Pecado de Amor httpsiytimgcomviFJYcY5IFv6Ahqdefaultjpg
Opening theme  Mi alma grita by Karina
Similar  Toda Mujer, Peligrosa, El País de las mujeres, Bellísima, Por Amarte Tanto

Musica y telenovela 106 karina pecado de amor

Pecado de Amor (1995–1996) is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevisión. This telenovela lasted 325 episodes and was distributed internationally by Venevisión International. It's to the date the long-running telenovela that Venevisión has ever made.


Pecado de amor gran final capitulo 325


While still an adolescent, Consuelo Sanchez gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Adolfo Alamo. She soon finds out, however, that Adolfo is married to a rich alcoholic named Marisela, and that they have three children: Junior, Andreina and Rosalia. In spite of this, Consuelo goes ahead with her pregnancy and gives birth to a girl. But Consuelo's mother, Blanca, takes the baby away from her and abandons her at a small house in the city slums. This situation prompts Consuelo to leave home, determined to never see or speak to her mother again. The owner of the house, Carmen Rosa Barrios, takes in the abandoned baby, names her Rosa and raises her as her own. Many years later, Blanca, Rosa's real grandmother, unaware of the relationship between them, hires Carmen and Rosa as maids at a students’ residence managed by her. A series of events link the young people living at the boarding house with Rosa and her past. Mildred, an outstanding philosophy student, becomes Rosa's best friend. Alejandro Marquez, Rosalia Alamo’s fiance, falls in love with Rosa. A child is born of their relationship, but the scorned Rosalia manages to convince Alejandro that the baby's father is actually her brother, Junior Alamo. Meanwhile, Rosa's real mother, Consuelo, is living with Isaias Pena, a heavy drinker in need of counseling. When Consuelo takes Isaias to a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, she meets Marisela, not knowing that she is Adolfo Alamo's wife. This friendship leads to a surprise encounter between Consuelo and her teenage love, Adolfo, who is the father of her lost child... and to a dangerous rekindling of that old flame. Destiny also puts Consuelo in touch with Rosa. Without knowing that they are mother and daughter, they develop a very special, loving relationship. Later on, it is Consuelo who opens Rosa's eyes about what is happening in her life; she tells her that Junior and Rosalia, who have hurt her so much, are actually her half siblings, and that she is not Carmen's daughter but her own. Everyone endures deep suffering until Adolfo has a heart-to-heart talk with Rosa, and together they force Blanca to confess that she in fact took Rosa away from her mother and abandoned her at Carmen's house. Junior, ill with a terminal cancer also confesses to Alejandro that he was never Rosa's lover, and therefore not her baby's father. Adolfo convinces Marisela to give him a divorce, because he is still in love with Consuelo. Upon Junior's death, Rosa forgives Rosalia for her cruel schemes, and they finally accept each other as sisters; Alejandro and Rosa come together again, as well as Consuelo and Adolfo, and everyone prepares to forget the past and start a new life.


  • Karina as Rosa Sanchez
  • Víctor Cámara as Alejandro
  • Joanna Benedek as Rosalia Alamo
  • Amanda Gutierrez as Consuelo Sanchez
  • Gustavo Rodríguez as Adolfo Alamo
  • Denise Novell as Natalia
  • Javier Valcarcel as Junior Alamo
  • Elba Escobar as Marisela de Alamo
  • Emma Rabbe as Indira
  • Viviana Gibelli as Esperanza Hernandez
  • Isabel Moreno as Amalia Marquez
  • Hector Myerston as Aureliano
  • Jorge Aravena as Fernando
  • Raquel Castanos as Rosa
  • Alberto Marin
  • Carlos Oliver
  • Maurico Renteria
  • Gigi Zancheta
  • Dulce Ma. Pilonieta
  • Eva Blanco
  • Lucy Orta
  • Ma. de Lourdes Devonish
  • Estelita del Llano
  • Marta Carbillo
  • Eva Mondolfi
  • Lucio Bueno
  • Alexis Escamez
  • Humberto Tancredi
  • Omar Moinelo
  • Aitor Gaviria
  • Ricardo Hernandez
  • Luis Gerardo Nunez
  • Theme song

    The theme song to Pecado de Amor is "Mi Alma Grita", performed by Karina.


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