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Paul Arnold (composer)

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Also known as  Bob
Name  Paul Arnold
Education  University of Leicester
Occupation(s)  Composer
Role  Composer
Record label  Audio Network
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Albums  Primal, SEGA RALLY REVO, MediEvil Resurrection
People also search for  Andrew Barnabas, Alex Pfeffer, Richard Jobson
Music director  The Somnambulists, Close To Heaven

Paul "Bob" Arnold (born June 1972 in Great Wyrley, England) is an English composer of video game music. He works primarily in alliance with fellow composer Andrew Barnabas, with the duo became known as "Bob & Barn".


Early life and education

Arnold was born in Great Wyrley, South Staffordshire. Here he received his early education, getting A levels in music, economics and sociology, studying at Great Wyrley High School. Later he studied at University of Leicester, where he received B.A. (Hons) at Music and Computing, and University of York, where he received M.Sc at Music Technology. At University of York Arnold's course colleague applied for an audio position at Cambridge-based video game developer Millennium Interactive. When asked to go for an interview, Arnold's course colleague declined as he had bought a house in Surrey, and asked Arnold to go instead of him.


Arnold successfully took a mentioned audio position at Millennium Interactive (later SCE Cambridge Studio). Here he met his future colleague Andrew Barnabas. Their first effort at the company was music for Creatures series. Later, they were tasked with doing the score for 1998's MediEvil. Based on the words of Arnold, the score was experimental and orchestral, influenced by works of Danny Elfman. Music for MediEvil was critically acclaimed, along with the score for its sequel, too composed by Barnabas and Arnold.

In June 2001 Arnold and Barnabas resigned from SCE Cambridge and opened their music company Bob & Barn. Their first project was the successful score for SCE Cambridge's Primal, which launched their joint career. Since Primal's release Bob & Barn composed acclaimed scores for Broken Sword 3, Kung Fu Chaos and Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir, along with composing music for TV series and films. Currently they had completed doing music for 2011 shooter Brink.


Wheat Demons
Jen Meets Arella
Devil's Waltz
Gallowmere Waltz
Opening Credits
The Timekeeper
Hilltop Mausoleum
Hall of Gods
A Prince in Chains
The Turbulent Depths
Village of Madness
A Fiery Confrontation
Welcome to Gallowmere
Raum & Empusa
Hall of Heroes
Scurvy Docks
Home of the Dead
Comedy Corpses
A Kingdom Restored
The Spell
Canyon 1
Canyon 2
Tropical 1
Tropical 2
Zarok's Lair
End Titles
George the Pumpkin
A Hero Returns
Arella's Theme
A Love Lost
Temple of Flame
World of Water


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