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Paul Andréota

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Pen name  Paul Vance
Role  Novelist
Name  Paul Andreota
Nationality  French

Born  Paul Andreota 11 December 1917 La Rochelle, France (1917-12-11)
Died  November 14, 2007, La Rochelle, France
Books  Zigzags, The Sweet Taste of Burning, Schizo
Movies  The Black Tulip, The Blonde Witch, Law Breakers, Far West, Verdict
Similar People  Claude Boissol, Christian‑Jaque, Ralph Habib, Andre Cayatte, Alain Delon

Occupation  novelist, screenwriter

Paul Andréota (11 December 1917 in La Rochelle, France – 14 November 2007 in La Rochelle, France) was a French novelist and screenwriter. He was also known under the pen name Paul Vance.



Paul Andréota was born in La Rochelle in the Charente-Maritime department (when the department was then known as Charente-Inférieure). When he was 12 years old, his father died, and he and his family moved to Paris. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and entering the École Normale Supérieure, he started studying music, particularly piano and composition, at the conservatory; he was a big fan of jazz.

The onset of World War II changed Andréota's life dramatically. He spent part of the period of the German occupation of France in Marseille, which became the setting for his first novel after the war, Hors Jeu (lit. "Offside"), published by Grasset in 1947. He then wrote and published Evangeline (1948), which he dedicated to his friend, writer Michel Perrin, and Attentat à la pudeur (lit. "Indecent Assault") in 1949. These two autobiographical novels inspired him to move in another direction.

He then became a screenwriter, doing adaptations and dialogues. He wrote approximately 40 films, collaborating with famous directors. In 1968, while continuing to write for the stage, he returned to literature. Meanwhile, he also wrote screenplays and dialogues for the TV series Commissaire Moulin and Marie Pervenche. Later, under the pseudonym Paul Vance, he published two crime novels for Le Masque (lit. "The Mask").

Novels as Paul Andréota

  • Hors Jeu, Grasset, 1947
  • Evangéline, Fasquelle, 1948
  • Attentat à la pudeur, Denoël, 1949
  • Mystery novels as Paul Andréota

  • Ni tout à fait le même (lit. "Not Quite the Same"), Denoël, 1968
  • Zigzags, PJ/Julliard, 1969 - Grand Prix de Littérature Policière (1970); reissued by Le Livre de Poche (1977)
  • La Pieuvre (lit. "The Octopus"), PJ/Julliard, 1970 - adapted for film as Les Suspects (lit. "The Suspects"); reissued by Club des Masques (1981)
  • Le Piège (lit. "Trap"), Stock, 1972 - Best Screenplay, produced in the United States as The Sweet Taste of Burning
  • Les Lames (lit. "Blades"), Stock, 1973
  • Le Scénario (lit. "Scenario"), Stock, 1974
  • La Maison des oiseaux (lit. "House Birds"), Librairie des Champs-Élysées, 1975; reissued by Le Masque (1981)
  • Schizo, Librairie des Champs-Élysées, 1977
  • Mystery novels as Paul Vance

  • Le Puits, la corde et le seau (lit. "The Well, The Rope, and The Bucket") (1977)
  • Échec à l'innocence (lit. "Failure to Innocence") (1977)
  • Writer (Adaptations and dialogue)

  • 1954 - La Rage au corps (US title: Tempest in the Flesh) - directed by Ralph Habib
  • 1954 - Secrets d'alcôve (lit. "Alcove Secrets") - the "Riviera-Express" segment, realized by Ralph Habib
  • 1954 - Orient Express - directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia
  • 1955 - Escale à Orly (lit. "Stopover at Orly") - directed by Jean Dréville
  • 1955 - Chantage - directed by Guy Lefranc
  • 1956 - La Sorcière (lit. "The Witch") - directed by André Michel
  • 1956 - Women's Club - directed by Ralph Habib
  • 1957 - La Peau de l'ours (lit. "The Skin of the Bear") - directed by Claude Boissol
  • 1958 - Rafles sur la ville (lit. "Raids on the Town") - directed by Pierre Chenal
  • 1959 - Le Passager clandestin (English: "The Stowaway") - directed by Ralph Habib and Lee Robinson
  • 1961 - Napoléon II, l'Aiglon - directed by Claude Boissol
  • 1963 - Les Bonnes Causes (lit. "The Good Causes") - directed by Christian-Jaque
  • 1964 - La Tulipe noire (lit. "The Black Tulip") - directed by Christian-Jaque
  • 1965 - Me and the Forty Year Old Man - directed by Jack Pinoteau
  • 1966 - La Seconde Vérité - directed by Christian-Jaque
  • 1966 - La Nuit des adieux (lit. "The Night of Farewells") - directed by Jean Dréville and Isaak Menaker
  • 1968 - Vivre la nuit (lit. "Night Life") - directed by Marcel Camus
  • 1971 - Franz - directed by Jacques Brel
  • 1972 - Roses rouges et piments verts (No encontré rosas para mi madre) (lit. "Red Roses and Green Peppers (No Roses Found for My Mother)") - directed by Francisco Rovira Beleta
  • 1974 - Verdict - directed by André Cayatte
  • 1974 - Les Suspects - directed by Michel Wyn
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