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Country  Burma
District  Pathein District
Time zone  MST (UTC+6.30)
Area code  42
Division  Ayeyarwady Region
Township  Pathein Township
Local time  Friday 6:42 PM
Number of airports  1
Pathein wwwgomyanmarcomfilesdestinationphoto2pathe
Weather  29°C, Wind W at 18 km/h, 54% Humidity
Colleges and Universities  Pathein University, Technological University, Pathein
Neighborhoods  Bo Tae` Gone Ward, Ma Nyein Hla Gone Ward

Pathein (Burmese: ပုသိမ်မြို့; MLCTS: pu. sim mrui., [pəθèiɴ mjo̰]; Mon: ဖာသီ, [pha sɛm]), formerly called Bassein, is a port city with a 2004 population estimated at 315,600, and the capital of the Ayeyarwady Region, Burma. It lies on the Pathein River (Bassein), which is a western branch of the Irrawaddy River. Pathein is the fourth largest city of Burma (Myanmar), situated 190 kilometres (120 mi) west of Yangon.


Map of Pathein, Myanmar (Burma)

It is located within the Pathein Township of Pathein District and is also the seat of all. Although once part of the Mon kingdom, Pathein has few ethnic Mon residents today. The majority are of Bamar, Burmese Indians, Karen ethnicity. There are, however, notable minoritiy Rakhine.


The city's name is believed to derive from the Mon name, ဖာသီ ([pha sɛm]). The name was corrupted to Bassein during the British colonial period.

An alternate theory holds that the city's name comes from the classical name of Pathein, Kusimanagara, a name used by ancient writings and the Kalyani inscriptions. Pathein itself is a corruption of Mon "Kuthen," which itself is a contraction of Kusimanagara. This is supported by the fact that the Portuguese call Pathein "Cosmim."


Pathein was part of the Mon kingdom. The British built a fort and established a garrison in 1826, after the First Anglo-Burmese War. The 1983 census recorded a population of 144,092.

Geography and economy

Lying at the western edge of the Ayeyarwady River delta, on the Pathein (Ngawan) River 118 miles (190 km) west of Yangon, Pathein is accessible to large vessels and despite its distance from the ocean, it is the most important delta port outside of Yangon. The city is also a terminus of a branch of the main railroad line which connects it to Hinthada, Letpadan and Yangon. In the 1990s, the road network along the Irrawaddy to Monya was improved.

The coastline along the Bay of Bengal is surrounded by the Arakan Mountains. In the area is Inye Lake, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) long and 1 mile (1.6 km) wide, which is known for its fishing. There is also an offshore reef, Diamond Island which is popular with bathers. Diamond Island is also noted as a turtle breeding ground.

The city is a rice-milling and export centre. Aside from several rice mills, the town has numerous sawmills and umbrella workshops. The colourful handmade parasols made in Pathein are widely known throughout Burma. They are known locally as "Pathein Hti". Pathein is also known for its pottery and colourful hand-made baskets and buckets.

The surrounding area of Pathein are employed in agriculture and cultivate sesames, groundnuts, jute, maize, pulses, tobacco, chilies etc.


Pathein has a Tropical monsoon climate (Am) according to the Köppen climate classification system. Pathein experiences a sustained period of extraordinary rainfall from June through August. The dry season which runs from December through April, generally sees noticeably cooler temperatures than the remainder of the year.


Pathein has a scenic waterfront and many Buddhist temples, including the main sight of Shwemokhtaw Pagoda.


The city is home to the Pathein Education College for elementary teachers and Pathein University. Pathein has a large hospital which also serves those in the surrounding district. There is a GTC Technical University and a Computer IT University.


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