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Patardzeuli (Georgian: პატარძეული), is a village in Eastern Georgia, in Sagarejo District, of Kakheti Region, located about 50 kilometers from Tbilisi, the capital.


Map of Patardzeuli, Georgia

It was known in the past mainly because was the home-town of the Georgian writer Giorgi Leonidze, to whom the public school is still dedicated.

Currently, Patardzeuli is known for his beautiful surroundings, especially on the north side, bordering the Mariamjvari Nature Reserve, and because hosts two big schools: the above-mentioned public school, and the "Lyceum" Tsissière-Dirmelachvili (founded in 1996) where the students of the region have the opportunity to be initiated at the European languages (mainly French and English) and culture.

Such schools are frequented every day from hundreds of students, and both have a park, are equipped with basic IT infrastructure, and offer a vegetarian canteen to all students and teachers.

An episode during the II World War

According to the "annales" of Patardzeuli, written in French and deposited in the Museum of the "Lyceum" Tsissière-Dirmelachvili (see above), during the year 1943, Giorgi Bilanichvili, citizen of Patardzeuli, came back from the II World War, in which was wounded, and was set up a grand ceremony, involving all the personalities of the village. During such ceremony, in which the above-mentioned Giorgi Bilanichvili was declared hero of the soviet Union, Lili Dgigaour, student of the 8th class, gave an account of his life, and a concert in his honour was held by the students: during such concert Giorgi cried for the emotion. At that time, Khetevan Dokhtourichvili is remembered as teacher of Georgian language, and Kokrachvili as major of the village. The city itself of Patardzeuli offered, during the same period of war, hundreds of quintals of bread and medicinal plants to the soldiers.


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