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Passenger (1963 film)

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Music director  Tadeusz Baird
Country  Poland
7.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, History, War
Language  Polish
Passenger (1963 film) movie poster
Director  Andrzej Munk Witold Lesiewicz
Release date  1963
Writer  Andrzej Munk (screenplay), Zofia Posmysz (novel), Zofia Posmysz (screenplay)
Initial release  September 20, 1963 (Poland)
Directors  Andrzej Munk, Witold Lesiewicz
Screenplay  Andrzej Munk, Zofia Posmysz
Cast  Aleksandra Śląska (Liza), Anna Ciepielewska (Marta), Janusz Bylczynski (Capo), Krzesislawa Dubielówna, Anna Golebiowska (Female Prisoner), Barbara Horawianka (Nurse)
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Passenger (Polish: Pasażerka) is an unfinished 1963 Polish film directed by Andrzej Munk, which Witold Lesiewicz assembled for release.

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Passenger, using the form of a documentary, relates the experiences of one female SS officer (Slaska) at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II and her relationship with an inmate, Marta (Ciepielewska), whose life she manages to save on occasion.

Passenger (1963 film) PASSENGER Gene Siskel Film Center

Munk died in a car accident while the film was in production and the completed scenes were combined from parts of original footage and screenplay sketches by Witold Lesiewicz. The methods used are explained in a voiceover during the course of the film, so its unfinished state itself takes a documentary form. Parts of the film were shot at Auschwitz. The source was a radio drama Passenger from Cabin Number 45, written by Zofia Posmysz-Piasecka in 1959. Posmysz's play was later reworked into a novel. It was published in 1962 as Pasażerka.

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Passenger (1963 film) Holocaust Bypassed
  • Aleksandra Śląska - Liza
  • Anna Ciepielewska - Marta
  • Janusz Bylczynski - Capo
  • Krystyna Dubielowna
  • Anna Golebiowska - Female Prisoner
  • Barbara Horawianka - Nurse
  • Anna Jaraczówna - Capo
  • Maria Koscialkowska - Guard Inga Weniger
  • Andrzej Krasicki - Commission Member
  • Jan Kreczmar - Walter
  • Irena Malkiewicz - Oberaufseherin Madel
  • Izabella Olszewska
  • Leon Pietraszkiewicz - Lagerkommandant Grabner
  • Kazimierz Rudzki - Commission Member
  • Wanda Swaryczewska
  • Awards

    Passenger (1963 film) Passenger 1963 MUBI

    The film was entered into the 1964 Cannes Film Festival where it won a FIPRESCI Award. The film was also selected as the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 37th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.


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