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Parween Pazhwak

Nationality  Afghan
Ethnicity  Pashtun

Name  Parween Pazhwak
Role  Poet
Parween Pazhwak wwwkabulnathdeSchankar20DaraimagesParween20
Born  1967Kabul, Afghanistan
Occupation  Writer Poet Women Activist

Parween Pazhwak (born in 1967 in Kabul) is an Afghan artist from Afghanistan and a modern poet and writer of the Persian language.

Parween was born to the Pazhwak literary and political family, her father and mother being Ne'matulla Pazhwak and Afifah Pazhwak, respectively. Parween is the grand daughter of Abdul Rahman Pazhwak.

She went to the French-taught Malalai school and completed studying medicine in the Avicenna Medical Institute. Following the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan, she spent two years in Pakistan as a transit refugee before moving to Canada as an asylum seeker. She now lives in Ontario together with her husband and children.

Mrs. Pazhwak considers the best time in her life to be her days as a student and life in exile to be among her most difficult times. Her works of literature include modern Persian poetry, short stories, and paintings for children. She has eleven works of art in total so far. Two of her most famous published books are Darya dar Shabnam (Oceans in Dew) and Negin-ha wa Setara-ha (Gems and Stars).


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