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Parliament of Vanuatu

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Last election
22 January 2016

52 members

Parliament of Vanuatu

The Parliament (or Parlement in French) was the unicameral legislative body of the Republic of Vanuatu.

It was established by chapter 4 of the 1980 Constitution, upon Vanuatu's independence from France and the United Kingdom.

The functioning of Parliament is derived from the British Westminster system, and includes the principle of parliamentary supremacy, within the limits of the Constitution. The President, as a figurehead, may not veto parliamentary legislation, unless he considers it may be contrary to the Constitution, in which case he may refer it to the Supreme Court, and veto it only if the Supreme Court declares it to be contrary to the Constitution. Parliament is composed of fifty-two members, directly elected by citizens from multi-member constituencies for a four-year term.

Parliament elects the Prime Minister from among its members. Members of Parliament are also, along with the presidents of Regional Councils, members of the electoral college which elects the President, for a five-year term.

In December 2015, the Parliament was dissolved by President Baldwin Lonsdale, leading to early elections in January 2016.

Current Speaker of the Parliament is Hon. Esmon Saimon since February 2016.


This is a list of members of the 10th Parliament of Vanuatu returned in the 2012 elections.


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