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Parichay (TV series)

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Genre  Indian soap opera
Created by  Balaji Telefilms
Also known as  Parichay — Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Written by  Story R M Joshi, Binita Desai, Anil Nagpal, Vikas Tiwari & Jayesh D. Patil Screenplay R M Joshi, Binita Desai, Anil Nagpal, Vikas Tiwari & Vandana Tiwari Dialogues Dheeraj Sarna
Directed by  Ravindra Gautam, Muzammil Desai, Ajay Kumar, Santosh Kohle, Randeep Mahadik, Glen Barretto, Ankush Mohla, Navneet Baj Saini, Ashish Shrivastav & Fahad Kashmiri
Creative director(s)  Doris Dey, Tasneem Mehta, Mona Arora, Chloe Ferns & Madhura Rapsang

Parichay (English: Introduction) (also known as Parichay — Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka) is an Indian soap opera that aired on Colors TV from 9 August 2011 to 15 March 2013 . The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms. The story revolves around a fallen hero, Kunal Chopra, who has lost his enthusiasm because of his failure, and is leading a lackadaisical life before he found true love in his wife Siddhi Chopra after which he started living following his dreams got their directions.



Kunal Chopra was once a career-oriented and successful lawyer; but fate had something else in store for him. He fell foul of his employer, D.K. Thakral, a powerful and unscrupulous lawyer. Kunal not only lost his job but was also separated from his girlfriend, Richa, who was Thakral's daughter. With his professional career in tatters, Kunal tried his hand at other ventures; but they all failed. Dejected, he began to feel like a wastrel amidst his family and society.

Kunal now lives in a small apartment house with his parents Veena and Raj Chopra, two younger brothers named Gaurav and Anand, a sister called Raveena, Gaurav's wife Seema and two nieces(Seema and Gaurav's daughters) Anokhi and Ishani. Gaurav is the only earning member in the family, employed in his father-in-law Sudhanshu Garewal's business firm. Anand is studying law and hoping to follow in Kunal's footsteps. Raveena, the youngest sibling, is in college. They all live peacefully and love each other, but constantly face a shortage of money.

Siddhi, a young girl falls for Anand after seeing him trying to protect his brother Kunal. Anand to reciprocates to her love and everyone in his family like Siddhi, but Kunal doubts her. He understands Anand's feelings for Siddhi and agrees for her. Siddhi and Anand's wedding is set. On their wedding day, Richa who is getting married to someone else leaves a voicemail on Kunal's phone saying that she will kill herself if Kunal doesn't come to take her. Anand, who happens to hear it instead of Kunal,Jhanvi and Anand leaves sometime before his wedding to stop Richa and tell her to leave Kunal alone, but an accident leaves them dead. Sadness is all over Chopra family and Siddhi's family when they see Anand's and Jhanvi's dead body. Kunal's mother goes through a deep trauma and her mind gets stuck to the moment where Anand and Siddhi are getting married.

In order to help Veena, Siddhi and Kunal are led to marry each other. Soon Kunal's life slowly begins to change, he starts working and earning. Siddhi starts falling for Kunal and so does he. But problems began to start because of Richa who is jealous of Siddhi and still loves Kunal. Richa mixes something in Kunal's drink and then tries getting closer to Kunal, who refuses as he is in love with Siddhi. Siddhi who misunderstands and goes home crying, in a moment of sadness she blurts out her irritation for Richa. They end up consummating their marriage that night. After that Kunal decides to divorce Siddhi and free her from a loveless marriage as he believes that she still loves Anand and she agrees thinking that Kunal does not love her.

After that more trouble starts to brew because of Richa who blames Kunal of raping her. Siddhi tries very hard to prove Richa's accusation wrong and succeeds in proving the truth. Richa is sent away. Kunal and Siddhi finally confess their love, and another happiness comes as they find out Siddhi is pregnant.

After sometime Richa comes back with a vendetta. Rohit, Richa's brother is killed and Kunal is being blamed for it. Siddhi in a desperate attempt to save Kunal agrees to Richa's offer; she will save Kunal if Siddhi divorces him and makes herself bad in front of his eyes. She agrees and the blame for Rohit's death falls on her Siddhi and she goes to prison. She also pretends to love money in front of Kunal and ends her relationship with him. Few months after she gives birth to twins in the prison. The first twin boy is kidnapped from prison by Richa who plans to kill it but runs into Kunal and lies to him that Siddhi was trying to kill the baby. On the other hand, Siddhi is told her first baby died(she is told this to avoid stress). The second baby is also a boy and Siddhi gives him to Sulekha Diwan, a friend, to give to Kunal as she does not want her son in prison, but Sulekha decides to keep him as she thought Kunal and Richa had already married.

Nine Years Later

Kunal is still saddened by Siddhi's apparent betrayal, but still living happily for his (and Siddhi's) first son who he named Anand Kunal Chopra. Kunal and his family do not know about the other twin son. The Chopra family dislikes Siddhi because they believe she betrayed them. Richa liked by all but Kunal, keeps coming to the Chopra house in hope of Kunal falling in love with her and them getting married which proves that those two aren't already married.

Siddhi on the other hand comes out of prison and comes to live with Sulekha Diwan and Sulekha's husband Abhay Diwan. Abhay Diwan loved and treated Siddhi(and Kunal's) second twin son as his own who is named Anand Diwan. Siddhi meets Anand Kunal Chopra at her son's schools fancy dress competition where she is chief guest. Because he is wearing makeup she does not realize that he is identical to her Anand Diwan. Siddhi thinks that Kunal and Richa got married and that Anand Kunal Chopra is Kunal and Richa's son. Kunal avoids meeting her at the competition. Later runs into her, but walks away teary eyed, leaving Siddhi crying.

Siddhi is asked by Sulekha to work in Abhay's office, and at that same time Abhay asks Kunal to be his legal advisor. Both agree unknowingly that they will be working together. Kunal and Siddhi meet again in Abhay's office. Kunal who is still bitter because of the past and Siddhi who is sad thinking Kunal does not love her. Siddhi thinks that Kunal is married to Richa and Anand is Richa's son and Kunal on the other hand thinks Siddhi is with Abhay Diwan.

In the summer camp, Anand Chopra and Anand Diwan have a fight. But they don't know that they are brothers. Anand Diwan though knowing that Abhay Diwan is not his real father, treats Anand, his twin badly because Anand defeated him in a dance competition(but recently got to know that Kunal is his real father and Anand Chopra his brother).

Anand Diwan also doesn't treat Siddhi properly like his mother but sometime they share a bond. Siddhi thinks Anand is just like Kunal because Anand says "Siddhi Ziddi" just like Kunal used to say. On Abhay's company's silver jubilee party, Siddhi meets Raj, Veena, Gaurav, Seema, Ishani and Anokhi. After meeting them, Abhay holds Siddhi's hand in a friendly way and everyone get very angry. When Siddhi and Abhay are dancing, Kunal pushes him and grabs Siddhi by the waist and dances with her, Seema scold Siddhi for being disloyal and ungrateful to the love that the Chopras gave her.

Veena all the time curses Siddhi but is ungrateful because Siddhi married Kunal after Anand's death just for her sake. Richa gets to know that Siddhi is Kunal's new boss and gets angry that Kunal did not tell her before and black mails Kunal to marry her if he doesn't want Siddhi to know about Anand Chopra. Kunal thinks that Abhay wants to marry Siddhi and this decides to move forward in life by marrying Richa. Siddhi still loves Kunal and treats Abhay like a friend. Meanwhile, Anand(Kunal's son) wants to be with his mother, siddhi and Anand(Siddhi's son) wants to be with his father, Kunal.

However, in a more interesting twist, Kunal and Siddhi reunite after sharing their misunderstandings. Kunal manages to convince chopras to forget & forgive Siddhi because he still loves her & wants her back in his life. All excited, prepare for Siddhi to come home. When Siddhi does not come, Kunal goes to the Diwan house and is shocked to see Abhay and Siddhi getting married.

When Kunal asks her for a reason, Siddhi says she never loved Kunal but only Abhay. Kunal slaps Siddhi and says that she broke many hearts this time, including his son's. He leaves. Seema hears about the shocking news and visits the Deewans. She says that Siddhi is not part of their family and she has no right to say their names. She never cared about Kunal's son and could have tried to kill the poor kid in jail. Siddhi denies. Seema continues that Anand was waiting for his mom who will never come. He will be distraught. Seema curses Siddhi and says that our hopes became empty, Anand and Kunal's expectations went empty but her ill wishes won't. Seema curses Siddhi and says that Abhay and Siddhi's marriage will never be successful and Siddhi will cry every day but no one will wipe her tears. The house will seem to suffocate her and that Siddhi will remember Seema's words and die minute by minute.

Next day Kunal interrupts Siddhi's mooh-dikhayi rasam in Diwan house & challenges Abhay that he'l file a case to take his other son away from Diwans. Siddhi gets happy to know that Kunal will take her younger son & hopes for him to take her along too, but before Kunal could file the case Abhay in turn files custody case for kunal & siddhi's elder son Anand on Richa's insistence. DK Thakral fights the case for Abhay & tries every trick to demean Kunal & to show him in bad light as a father.Kunal fight the case & hasn't got much going for him to win the case when Siddhi once again comes to his rescue by giving statement in favor of kunal in spite of getting warned by Abhay not to do so. The twins run away from their house to unite their parents somehow & end up getting kidnapped, on the last hearing they somehow manage to come to court to stop the judgement being passed in favor of Abhay. The kids request the judge to make their parents & them live together as they want to be a family after all these years & bring out the fact that Kunal never signed divorce papers due to which kunal & Siddhi stand to be still married. The judge nullifies Siddhi & abhay wedding & ask twins & their parents to live together for six months & if they wish to divorce then they can apply for it.

Siddhi happily comes to Chopra house leaving behind her ordeal in Diwan house, but none of the Chopras welcome her including Kunal. Only her kids come to her rescue and try to make their parents realize that they still love each other & should live happily. Siddhi tells Abhay's torturous truth to Kunal which he doesn't believe, in fact blames her for spinning lies.But both Anands believe Siddhi because they see Abhay harrsing Siddhi. Abhay finds every opportunity to create misunderstanding between kunal & Siddhi so that he can take Anand away after 6 months. Anand jr gets shot on a mall outing for which chopras are unable to pay the hospital bills. Abhay takes advantage of the situation & pays the bill but insults kunal saying that he's a father for namesake & the biggest loser. Siddhi too taunts Kunal on Raj's insistence to bring changes in Kunal for him to start working and taking up his responsibilities seriously. All of a sudden, a bomb blast occurs to which Siddhi becomes victim. Kunal realizes his true love and the Chopra family accepts Siddhi and they bring her home with due respect. Kunal starts to work again and the whole Chopra family move into their old mansion that they had to leave before because of the lack of money. Everyone lives happily ever after.


This show is dubbed in Tamil as Mayakkam Enna on Polimer Tv and in Telugu as Abhinandana on Maa Tv.

This show was dubbed in English in India And is Aired on GLOW TV in South Africa DSTV 167 and OpenViewHD 108


  • 11th Indian Telly Awards - Best Actor in a Lead Role - Samir Soni
  • 5th Boroplus Gold Awards - Best Actor (Jury)|Best Actor (Jury)]] - Samir Soni
  • 12th Indian Television Academy Awards - Best Actor (Popular) - Samir Soni
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