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Parda Hai Parda (1992 film)

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Director  Kovelamudi Bapayya
8.4/10 IMDb

Music director  Anand-Milind
Language  Hindi
Parda Hai Parda (1992 film) movie poster
Release date  July 10, 1992
Genres  Bollywood, Comedy, Action Film, Drama, World cinema
Cast  Chunky Pandey, Laxmikant Berde, Meena, Kiran Kumar, Reema Lagoo
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Parda hai parda 1992 hindi movie w eng subtitles

Parda Hai Parda (English Translation: "There is a Veil") is a 1992 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by K. Bapaiah, starring Chunky Pandey, Meena, Malvika Tiwari, Virendra Singh, Rajendranath Zutshi, Laxmikant Berde, Reema Lagoo, Shobha Khote and Kiran Kumar. It is a remake of 1990 Malayalam-language blockbuster In Harihar Nagar directed by Siddique-Lal duo which went on to be remade again as Dhol starring Tusshar Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav and Tanushree Dutta.



The film revolves around four happy-go-lucky friends and the predicament they fall into when they cross paths with a new girl in their neighborhood. At the onset we see a suitcase of some significance being moved through the busy city. The bag is handed off by various men in suits until it reaches an older gentleman. The old man soon is pursued by some hoodlums. He narrowly escapes the thugs by hopping into a cab, only for the driver to stop the car in a secluded area. The mysterious driver then kills the old man dead with a gunshot and steals the bag and is shown running in the distance.

The film then begins to follow four friends in the same city. Vijay (Chunky Pandey), Appu Khote (Laxmikant Berde), Prem (Virendra Singh) and Thomas (Raj Zutshi) are a carefree bunch with no responsibilities that roam their part of town in search of fun and beautiful women.

The film takes a turn when they hear about a beautiful young woman that has just moved into their neighborhood with her grandparents. They are instantly allured by her good looks and start to make hilarious attempts to find out about her and why she is in town. In their quest to learn about the girl and impress her, they end up accidentally injuring Maya's grandfather and terrorizing her grandmother. They discover that the girl, whose name is Maya (Meena) is visiting the city to get to the bottom of a mystery surrounding her dead brother, Raghuveer. In town, Maya is able to track down the mother (Reema Lagoo) of his brother's friend, Andrews. The mother had been anxiously awaiting the return of her son from a long leave of absence and in that time had met Maya's brother Raghuveer who left a special package for her from her long-lost son. We later find out that this package is the suitcase seen at the beginning of the film.

All four friends after learning about Maya and her reasoning for visiting the town decide to lie and pretend that the four of them were good friends with Maya's brother Raghuveer and Andrews. After failed individual attempts to win her over, Maya eventually befriends the foursome. Once this happens, a powerful man by the name of John Honai (Kiran Kumar) appears to be stalking the four.

Honai tricks Vijay and his friends into coming to a warehouse, telling them that Maya wanted to meet them there. It is there that Vijay, Appu, Thomas and Prem are cornered by Honai and his gang of henchman. Honai, under the impression that the four are true friends of Andrews and Raghuveer, demands that they reveal the whereabouts of the suitcase bag. The four are confused by the interrogation and deny they know anything about this bag. After failing to escape the warehouse, Honai holds the four hostage and subjects them to torture until they give up the whereabouts of the bag.

Meanwhile, Maya tracks down Andrews old girlfriend (Malvika Tiwari) who is now currently a nun in a convent. The nun spills the story that Maya was looking for. The film flashesback to how Andrews family were doing business with the Honai family and after some problems, the two parties had a falling out and there was a fortune that belonged to Andrews father. The Honai family killed Andrews father for the fortune, which was kept in a suitcase bag. Andrews was able to retrieve the bag by killing John Honai's father. After escaping a gang beating from John Honai and his henchmen, Andrews brings the bag to his good friend Raghuveer to take care of and deliver it to his mother. Soon thereafter, Raghuveer finds Andrews dead body at the shore of a beach and vows to get revenge. Raghuveer brings the bag to John Honai and tries to kill Honai but fails after he's choked to death by Honai's henchmen with a rope as he has Honai in a chokehold. Honai checks the bag only to see that it was a decoy bag full of bricks.

Back to the present, Vijay and his friends cleverly escape the warehouse. Vijay and his friends find out that they are in big trouble as the police is now also after them after being mistaken as thugs. The four fail to retrieve the bag from Andrews mother once they fess up that they lied about being his friend. Andrews mother scolds them and doesn't give up the bag. Honai finds out where Maya lives and kidnaps her. Vijay, Appu and the gang are able to save her from Honai's grasp in a big fight scene near the end of the movie.

Honai finds out where Andrews mother lives and tries to retrieve the bag. Andrews mother finds out that Honai killed her son that she had been worried sick waiting for all this time. She cuts the lights off in her house and earlier was cooking in the kitchen and had not turned the gas off. Honai scans through the dark house for her and ignites a lighter to try to see in the dark only for an explosion to occur, burning him alive.

With Maya now at peace after getting justice for her brother's death, now heads back to her own town. The movie ends with the mysterious bag bust open with a fortune of money and gold inside, Maya yells out to her four friends that this is a gift for them to enjoy.


  • Chunky Pandey as Vijay
  • Meena as Maya
  • Virendra Singh as Prem
  • Rajendranath Zutshi as Thomas
  • Laxmikant Berde as Appu Khote
  • Kiran Kumar as John Honai
  • Reema Lagoo
  • Shobha Khote
  • Malvika Tiwari
  • Reception

    Parda Hai Parda was a surprise earner and still remain as Chunky Pandey 's solo hit. Most of Chunky Pandey's movies where he played the lead role were usually flops. This is the debut Hindi film of southern actress Meena.


    Parda Hai Parda is the first remake of the popular Malayalam movie written by screenwriting duo Siddique-Lal "In Harihar Nagar". Priyadarshan remade In Harihar Nagar as Dhol, which was released in 2007.


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