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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Paramesotriton
Higher classification  Salamandridae
Order  Salamander
Family  Salamandridae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Paramesotriton Paramesotriton maximum length Page 2 Caudataorg Newt and

Lower classifications  Chinese warty newt, Hong Kong warty newt, Laos warty newt, Tam Dao salamander, Guangxi warty newt

My pet paramesotriton chinensis

Paramesotriton, or (Asian) warty newts, is a genus of salamanders in the Salamandridae family. According to the Amphibian Species of the World, it contains the following species:


Paramesotriton CalPhotos Paramesotriton caudopunctatus Spottailed Warty Newt

  • Spot-Tailed Warty Newt (Paramesotriton caudopunctatus)
  • Chinese Warty Newt (Paramesotriton chinensis)
  • Tam Dao Salamander (Paramesotriton deloustali)
  • Ermi Zhao Warty Newt (Paramesotriton ermizhaoi Wu, Rovito, Papenfuss & Hanken, 2009)
  • Wanggao Warty Newt (Paramesotriton fuzhongensis)
  • Guangxi Warty Newt (Paramesotriton guangxiensis)
  • Hong Kong Newt (Paramesotriton hongkongensis)
  • Paramesotriton longliensis Li, Tian, Gu, and Xiong, 2008
  • Paramesotriton maolanensis Gu, Chen, Tian, Li, and Ran, 2012
  • Paramesotriton yunwuensis Wu, Jiang, and Hanken, 2010
  • Zhijin warty newt (Paramesotriton zhijinensis Zhao, Che, Zhou, Chen, Zhao & Zhang, 2008)

  • Paramesotriton Vietnamese salamander photo Paramesotriton deloustali G98686

    In addition, the following species may be included, although the Amphibian Species of the World, following Dubois and Raffaƫlli, puts it to monotypic genus Laotriton:

    Paramesotriton CalPhotos Paramesotriton chinensis Chinese Warty Newt

  • Paramesotriton laoensis
  • Paramesotriton chinensis shedding eating old skin

    Paramesotriton Paramesotriton deloustali grow up Caudataorg Newt and Salamander

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