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Papilio indra

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Insecta
Family  Papilionidae
Scientific name  Papilio indra
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Lepidoptera
Genus  Papilio
Rank  Species
Papilio indra Papilio indra kaibabensis Bauer
Similar  Papilio eurymedon, Papilio brevicauda, Papilio ornythion, Papilio rogeri, Papilio caiguanabus

Papilio indra minori emerges in time lapse

Papilio indra, the Indra swallowtail, short-tailed black swallowtail, or cliff swallowtail, is a western North American butterfly in the family Papilionidae.


Papilio indra Papilio indra minori Raising ButterfliesHow to find and care for

Indra swallowtail butterfly pupation time lapse documentary


Papilio indra CalPhotos Papilio indra shastensis Swallowtail Butterfly

The Indra swallowtail is a black swallowtail similar in coloration to the black swallowtail and the short-tailed swallowtail. It has very short tails and has dark blue crescents on the topside of the hindwing.


This butterfly may be found in rugged, arid, or mountainous countrysides.


Papilio indra Papilio indra Art Shapiro39s Butterfly Site

The Indra swallowtail has one brood per year and is on the wing in spring in southern or lower altitudes but early summer in northern or higher altitudes.


Listed alphabetically:

Papilio indra Papilio indra phyllisae live adults

There is an as-yet unnamed subspecies that has been referred to as bonnevillensis by some and as the "Utah-West Desert segregate" by others.

Papilio indra Papilio indra calcicola Raising ButterfliesHow to find and care
  • P. i. calcicola Emmel & Griffin, 1998
  • P. i. fordi Comstock & Martin, 1956
  • P. i. indra Reakirt, 1866
  • P. i. kaibabensis Bauer, 1955
  • P. i. martini T. & J. Emmel, 1966
  • P. i. minori Cross, 1936
  • P. i. nevadensis T. & J. Emmel, 1971
  • P. i. panamintensis Emmel, 1982
  • P. i. parvindra J. Emmel, T. Emmel & Griffin, 2008
  • P. i. pergamus H. Edwards, 1874
  • P. i. phyllisae J. Emmel, 1982
  • P. i. shastensis Emmel & Emmel, 1998
  • Food plants

    Parsley family.

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